Inspiring Digital Agency Website Designs in 2022

When it comes to designing a digital agency website, you should focus on showing your best work as you want to prove your digital knowledge to your clients. The website you design needs to be easy to navigate. So you can make your portfolio and case studies seen by visitors easily.

Fresh, creative, innovative, and minimalist digital designs attract attention at first glance. Digital marketing agencies usually prefer animated, interactive, and also informative websites to show their abilities and what they are capable of to potential clients. Apart from its aesthetic appearance, a digital agency website needs to be fully accessible and mobile-friendly.

Whether you’re designing a digital agency website for yourself or a client, your purpose should be showcasing your agency’s originality. If the prospects visit your website to access a service or buy a product, a user-friendly interface and responsive design can help them to move from A to B quickly.

Inspiring Digital Agency Website Designs in 2022

In this post, DAN Team explores remarkable digital marketing agency website designs from around the world. We hope they inspire and guide you through your own digital agency website design or redesign process.

eDesign Interactive


Powerful designs that capture attention and drive conversion

eDesign Interactive is a digital agency passionate about storytelling, visual design, and technology. The team collaborates with small to large companies around the world to help them engage their audiences and build brand recognition.

eDesign is known for creating award-winning web experiences and smart digital campaigns that generate results. Their innovative designs focus on capturing user attention and driving conversion. Every project begins with deep market research, followed by strategic planning, creative thinking, and professional execution.

The company’s US headquarters are located in Morristown, New Jersey, and their European operations are based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Recent clients include SundaySky, Associated Press Content Services, Dyrdek Machine, Hardie’s, Frost King, Welch’s, and Sun-Maid.

Major Tom

Major Tom, marketing agency website

Major Tom combines the top-level strategy and established consultancy with implementation and technological capabilities. Also, they humanize modern marketing and bring clarity to their clients.

Their site is simple, and the interactive elements get right to the point of showing off their strength in the digital realm.

Massive Media


Massive Media is an independent branding and experience design agency. The Vancouver-based agency has a beautiful, nature-inspired website. This website has a clean and professional look in general, accompanied by great photography. We also liked their stylish ‘about us’ page and simple ‘work’ section, which showcases Massive’s portfolio.



RNO1 is a west coast brand & digital experience agency. The California-based agency helps brands to shape connective + contagious experiences, both online and offline. They also define themselves as “embracers of change.”

There is indeed a surfer spirit on their website. Their theme contains waves, ocean, and surfer photography, which gives a relaxing feel. Moreover, they won Best UX Design, Best UI Design, and Best Innovation awards with this cool website.

Frank Digital

Frank Digital Website

Frank is an award-winning digital agency combining strategy, creativity, and technology to deliver beautiful digital experiences across all channels and devices. Their website is one of our favorite digital agency website designs as it has a simple, yet professional look.

Their homepage opens with an energetic showreel that highlights the motto “Experience Beautiful” and you can scroll down to discover more about the agency’s case studies as well as the blog posts.



Australia-based Luminary is a well-recognized agency that has a long history. They focus on doing everything from digital transformation and user experience design, to digital marketing and managed cloud services.

Luminary’s witty website is really colorful, and the homepage is full of bright dots, which looks like a reflection of the agency’s name. Also, the website is fun to interact with. This is also a good feature for a digital agency website because it keeps you clicking around more on their pages.


Mimosa Agency


When done right, black & white web design can be creative, and unique and Mimosa’s website is an example of this. Berlin-based Mimosa Agency bridges the gap between classic marketing with the newest.

This is similar to their website design because it combines a simple and classic website and creative artwork. We particularly liked their neon-style team pictures on the ‘about us’ page.



Creative agency Flightpath creates experiences that connect on a human “difference-making” level to make a true impression. They are discovering compelling insights into human nature, and the real client value begins from here.

Animations that combine creativity and humanity at some point spread throughout every page of their site. The feeling of creativity can be perceived in every corner of the digital agency’s website.

Pound & Grain

Pound and grain advertising agency website design

Pound & Grain’s asset is to add value to your brand. They are original, fearless, and independent.

Their black and red website features great photography and animations that create an immediate impact. Visitors also see a “Watch the Goods” button which they can click and reach the agency’s show-reel full of great works.


Crowd is a global digital agency that specializes in developing and delivering environmentally friendly product and service promotions. They are thrilled to increase demand for new and established businesses that are socially responsible.


Their website is dynamic yet simple and welcomes you with an introductory video that also includes shots from the agency’s remarkable works. The general theme matches their logo’s colors which gives a vivacious yet professional look. 

Engine Digital

Engine Digital is a NYC and Vancouver-based digital agency focused on improving the way organizations reach and connect with users. 

engine digital

For their service of website design, they help their clients deploy digital platforms, services and products, from concept and ideation, to a methodical approach to design and engineering. Their own website is just a perfect example of this professional approach.


Vrrb is a Los Angeles based digital agency that builds top-notch websites and mobile apps. They work with a wide spectrum of clients, from innovative startups to global enterprises.

vrrb, inspiring digital agency web design

They express that they ‘build extraordinary digital experiences for brands, and their own website is truly proof of that. Even though easy to use and very clear, the way their offerings and works are presented is convincing of their expertise in branding, web and UX/UI design, which also accounts for their portfolio.


Pastilla is a full-service digital agency based in California where creative instinct meets proven experience. Pastilla’s comprehensive approach leverages data and creative storytelling. 


They deliver digital experiences that look great, add value, and connect brands and customers in meaningful ways. Pastilla is confident in building and elevating brand experiences that permeate everything digital.

They reflect their proven experience in their web design too. The agency’s motto, “Fueled by everyday connections” welcomes you on the homepage. Pastilla uses their showreel as a power to grab your attention in the first three seconds. The mix of the professional-looking dark theme and the easy-to-navigate website makes it one of the best marketing agency websites.



Beyond creates technology-led solutions and products. They aim to close the gap between innovation and opportunity. Their website is simple, yet colorful with a clear message: Beyond is a design company.

When a visitor launches their homepage, geometric shapes in colorful design catch their eyes. Visitors also see the pinned news from the agency.



Bleech is a web development agency focused on creating quality WordPress websites. The Berlin-based digital agency owns a simple but fun website. Their colorful website has a youthful appearance, which produces a warm and friendly effect.

You can see the agency’s description, their clients, and an introduction video on Bleech’s homepage. Also, their team section is quite creative!

Creative Brand Design

An award-winning London-based web design agency, Creative Brand Design, is committed to creating high-performance web experiences that excite and inspire.

Creative Brand Design has an established and dedicated team with over a decade of experience in providing custom and effective web design and development services.


One of the first things you immediately notice on their homepage is the interactive design. It’s engaging and dynamic which brings the site to life. There is an effective use of mouse interactive particles animations, engaging video/media content, 3d parallax hover effects, and icon animation.

If you navigate through to their portfolio there is a media-rich masonry layout of mock-ups and videos of their projects, the individual portfolio pages are equally engaging with scroll effects and strong interactive visuals – check it out.

Isadora Agency


Isadora Agency is an award-winning web design company that is focused on transformational business web, digital, and marketing solutions. The Los Angeles-based agency produces distinctive digital solutions including branding, eCommerce, and digital marketing.

Their website has a beautiful theme containing shades of purple, which creates a dream-like atmosphere. The typography they used also supports this soft theme. Also, the clean look and simple animations add some movement to the pages.

There you have it – some creative and inspiring digital marketing agency website design examples you can truly leverage to create a visually appealing, highly readable, and relevant website for your marketing agency.

We also listed the best web design tools for agencies and the best web design agencies for startups that may help you as further reading.

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