Brand Week Istanbul – 2022

Brand Week Istanbul 2022, organized by Kapital Media, will take place on 7-11 November at the Zorlu PSM, in Istanbul.

White Label World Expo Europe 2022 is one of the largest events for professional online sellers to meet white-label goods suppliers.

The most inspiring week of the year celebrates its 10th year!

It is time to rethink and re-design life with all its components. The digital transformation, which was accelerated during the pandemic, carried both communication and business models a step further in an irreversible way. Creativity is being tested once again with the practices of artificial intelligence and algorithms.

In order to pick up an agenda-setting role, brands are in the search of ground-breaking strategies for successful integration with the new trends that will shape the future. Global economic uncertainty has forced entrepreneurship into the grip of creative strategies and risk-free methods. All these sensational developments will reconstruct on the event date.

Speakers Include:

brandweek-istanbul-2022- speakers

For all these reasons, it is starting over again… They will make new beginnings in our lives that have paused in the pandemic. Therefore, now is the Time to Reset… At Brand Week Istanbul 2022, they will explore the big change and renewals that will be encountered in the upcoming period.

From communication to trade, from culture to economy, they will discuss the trends on which they will build the future. And with experts and research outputs, all developments that will shape tomorrow will be on the table.

This November, they will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Brand Week Istanbul; the most inspiring week of the year. To discover tomorrow with the creative leaders of the world, click here.