Emote Digital’s Search Advertising Success Stories

Search Engine Advertising is an extremely powerful tool with careful strategy and the right expertise. Discover Emote Digital‘s success stories to be efficient in your own business and to apply SEA correctly.

These Are Emote Digital’s Search Engine Advertising Success Stories

Have you ever Googled something and clicked one of the first few results? Chances are you’ve made a purchase as a direct result of search engine advertising (SEA).

With careful strategy and the right expertise behind it, SEA is an extremely powerful tool for brand awareness and improving your revenue stream.

If you’ve been thinking about SEA for your business, here are 5 reasons why it’s a good idea.

  1. It’s fast! Search ads reach your customers basically instantly
  2. Target people based on their location
  3. Increase traffic to your website and let it do the hard sell
  4. Target the right people, even if you’re trying to reach a niche audience
  5. Appear on competitors’ related keywords and convert clients from them over to you

Want to know what that could look like for your business? Check out these examples from real clients and compare how you could do the same for your business.

The Secret Ingredient Is Success

The Essential Ingredient has an excellent range of products and they knew that there were people out there wanting to buy rose harissa or a tortilla press. So how did Emote get those people to their website?

They launched Google Shopping ads to get their range of products in front of the right audiences at the right times. This format brings quality traffic to your site at a low cost per click, making it a good option for the budget-conscious.

By adding the right extension to their website and configuring their product feed properly, Emote helped Google know when to show their ads. In the first three months, the Shopping campaign had a return on ad spend of 17x, which means it made $17 of eCommerce revenue for every dollar it spent.

That’s a huge win for any online specialist retailer!

17x ROAS on Google Shopping

Driving up Conversions

Best Ride is an Aussie start-up app that compares rideshare prices to find you the best deal. As a new mobile app, Emote wanted people in target cities across Australia to be hitting that download button.

They used several ad formats on Google Ads to help with this:

  • YouTube ads to create awareness
  • Display ads for remarketing
  • App ads to generate downloads directly from users on Android and iOS devices

They’ve had strong download numbers from Google Ads, with an impressive 9.1% conversion rate for the app campaigns. Emote Digital is helping Best Ride get its wheels off the ground and the downloads rolling in and they can do the same for your new app, too.

9.1% Conversion rate on Google Ads

Saddling up for Better Results

EQ Saddlery had previously engaged another agency for their Google Ads but wanted to see better results.

When they engaged Emote they knew they’d be up to the task. They narrowed the focus of their search ads and simplified their campaign structure. This led to a better return on ad spend and made it easier for the account to be managed and for them to assess performance.

Emote’s search ads had a whopping 101% increase in conversion rate and 127% increase in ROAS compared to the previous search ads for their first 30 days vs. the old ads’ last 30 days. EQ is happy to report that the moving agency turned out to be the best move they could have made.

101% Increase in conversion rate


Raising the Benchmark with Search

Emote’s long-term SEA client Draffin sticks with them because they’re great at generating online enquiries and quote requests for them, primarily through search ads. They bring quality traffic to the website and serve ads to a niche audience of people searching for items such as park benches and bin cages.

This is a perfect example of multiple facets working well together — Draffin’s website was built by Emote and is optimized ongoing through SEO, which boosts their Google Ads results, plus they run their brand awareness social ads which result in more searches to target.

Their search ad copy promotes important info — like being Aussie-made and for commercial purposes — to improve the quality of traffic and leads.

Because what’s the point in getting tyre kickers and window shoppers to your website? You want to find the people who will actually convert.

6.7% Conversion rate for our search ads all-time

Calling All Google Ads

ONCALL is another long-term client who has seen incredible success throughout their time with Emote. By making their targeting more precise, they saw conversions increase by an awesome 341% and the cost per conversion decreased by 70% compared to the previous period.

Keyword targeting, ad copy, and account structure need to work together harmoniously to get the ads showing to the right people. That means being careful to avoid showing support worker job ads to people trying to find an NDIS support worker, not trying to become one. If your business needs to target multiple audience streams, they know how to do it right.

Emote also built ONCALL’s website, which elevates its Google Ad performance. Every customer touchpoint builds on one another to work synergistically for better and better results.

341% Increase in conversions

Hopefully from these examples, you’ve been able to draw the similarities to your business and can see how Emote can transform your brand awareness and increase conversions through the power of search advertising.

Want to watch your own Google success grow? Reach out to the expert team at Emote today.

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