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Best Technical SEO Tools to Boost Your Rankings in 2022

Technical SEO tools are essential to get valuable insights and tips concerning the technical part of the optimization. What is technical SEO, and why do we need it to improve our websites?

SEO is more than keywords because the optimization of the content to ensure it can be found in search engines is the key to achieving the goals. Therefore, it is essential to identify the right technical SEO tool for meeting the needs of enterprises to have a better search performance. Technical SEO audit helps professionals boost the rankings by focusing on relevant keywords to provide access to the target websites. 

Here is a list of the best technical SEO tools that must be known by every SEO professional to deal with the technical issues on SEO audit successfully. 

Moz Pro 

If you are looking for a useful technical SEO audit tool, Moz Pro is always there for you with its experienced and skilled team on creating the best solutions for you. This tool offers strategies on understanding your visitors, tracking your rankings, and auditing your websites to optimize your pages with maximum potential. 

moz pro technical seo

Moz Pro provides you with prioritized recommendations to improve search optimization and also creates custom reports. It also saves your time by arranging recurring reports sent to your clients and stakeholders. You will feel that your work is incredibly valuable and must be improved with the best technical SEO audit. 


Searchmetrics is another technical SEO audit tool that offers data-driven insights to maximize your search and content performance. With its custom search and competitive tracking software, you can experience the best organic search traffic for your website. 


If you desire to find the best opportunities to gain optimized results, Searchmetrics is one of the best options that can unravel the complexities of search and provide customized strategies for your business. Based on your operational data and its search data, Searchmetrics gives you the best custom insights and decisions with its productivity. 

Google Search Console 

The primary tool that should be used by SEO professionals is Google Search Console since it works for Google. So, it is easy to improve your Google rankings and your performance on Google Search. Recently, many updates replaced its old version with advanced data, reports, and features.

google search console

Using Google Search Console, you get notifications on the problems of your website and have an opportunity to fix them. It automatically detects the problems with your website and let you know how to resolve them. 

You can also optimize your content with Search Analytics providing the information on your website’s location, impressions, and clicks on Google Search.  You can monitor the analysis of your website. If you want to know more about SEO monitoring tools, you can also check this article on our blog. 


Deepcrawl drives growth for businesses and enterprises. It is a pioneer in web crawling technologies by detecting and fixing technical and performance-related issues with its excellent technical SEO tool. 

Along with its multi-domain monitoring, custom dashboards, and professional services; Deepcrawl also offers you the best technical SEO audit experience. Its custom reports and filtering options result in the absolute pleasure of the customers. Their brand-new tool called Automator provides SEO quality assurance by allowing its customers to test their codes for SEO. Thereby, customers can minimize risks and plan cost-saving procedures. 

Website Grader by Hubspot 

You can quickly check how good your website is by giving your website address to Website Grader developed by Hubspot. It is a free online tool that provides customized report grading websites about performance, SEO activities, and security.

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hubspot website grader

Moreover, you can simply write your website URL and e-mail address, and it generates a personalized score between 1-100 in a few seconds. You can get a detailed report on the performance of your website through the critical criteria. This can be definitely a chance for you to take the necessary steps to achieve the improvements for your website.

Google Webmasters 

If you desire to have more visitors to your website, Google Webmasters can help you manage your search and content performance. It has courses and guidelines to create high-quality and search-friendly sites for its customers. 

With the advice on how to improve some aspects of websites, Google Webmasters leads the way. It teaches you how to have an impactful and attractive website. You can also check your visibility and search performance on Google Search Console that cooperates with Google Webmasters. 

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the best technical SEO tools with its extensive features and services. It is a practical crawling tool that introduces errors in canonicals, URLs, and response codes as well as missing page titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords. 

screaming frog for technical seo audit

Through the audit in Screaming Frog, you can achieve most of the steps in the technical SEO checklist to have better search and content performance. It provides you with an opportunity to identify what is missing or wrong with your website. Thousands of SEOs and agencies trust Screaming Frog for their technical SEO audits. 


Ahrefs shows you how to outrank your competitors by analyzing why they rank so high and recommending the actions you need to take. Some of the basic features of Ahrefs are as follows:

ahrefs technical seo
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Research
  • Content Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Web Monitoring

Through its backlink research, you can get better results, especially in off-page technical SEO. It runs the world’s most extensive index of live backlinks and updates its index with fresh data regularly. 


If you are searching for an all-in-one SEO tool for professionals, Serpstat is one of the best options for providing advanced analytics on your website. It shows you the market share fluctuations. Also, it offers insights into traffic distribution among various domains. 

serpstat technical seo tools

Above all, site audit, backlink analysis, keyword analysis, and competitor research are some basic features of Serpstat releasing comprehensive and reliable data to its customers. 

Final words

If you wonder how to take advantage of technical SEO tools for your business and examine the strategies, you can read our article technical SEO case study. The article is showing how to improve organic results in search engines. If your requirements are not limited with technical SEO, you can find more SEO Tools in our tools section.

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