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Best Branding Agencies in Dubai With Great Portfolios

Getting help from a Dubai business branding consultancy makes it easier for your company to be more visible and known not only in Dubai but also globally. These companies enable rapid growth by increasing your brand values. Branding agencies in Dubai have highly knowledgeable professionals in their business.  With the unique support of the services in terms of corporate branding in Dubai, you can 

  • set the precise goals by creating the associations and brand identity for your brand, 
  • determine your position in the sector on the right coordinates by adapting the marketing communication and internal communication to the boundaries of your brand, 
  • produce content in accordance with your brand’s identity,
  • ensure communication by arranging your company’s work with other brands, and more.

What is a Branding Agency?

A branding agency ensures that

  • the values of your brand ​​are reflected to your potential and existing customers, 
  • your company’s brand identity is well-developed, 
  • your branding activities will resonate with your target audience and 
  • you convey your messages to your customers in the most effective way.

The professionals of this field provide many services to their clients, especially brand creation and development with their skills in creativity, design, and communication. That’s why the biggest and most effective step for success on your branding journey is to start working with a brand agency.

A good branding company in Dubai enables your business to become a prestigious and well-represented brand. Here is the most valuable service you can get from them: they design and apply a brand personality and a marketing strategy.

Strategists, designers, copywriters, marketers working in a brand agency are competent people in their fields. In addition, some branding agencies have team members working in SEO, social media, advertising, and content planning. Branding agencies offer many services for your company to build a brand. These services are areas where brand agencies specialize.

The Best Branding Agencies in Dubai

The best branding agency in Dubai does not mean the biggest agency. Big agencies may not deal with small brands as much as they should. And small agencies may not be able to produce work of the desired quality for large brands. 

Brands and agencies that analyze this equation well can both undertake more creative work and achieve faster growth. And branding companies in Dubai are not an exception.

Choosing an agency to which you will entrust the future of your brand can sometimes be a very long and tiring process. In today’s world, in line with the ever-changing digital trends, it is most important to find a branding agency that follows and even foresees these changes.

Here are the best agencies giving branding services in Dubai with great portfolios:



Crowd is a global creative digital agency and lifestyle media publisher with a global reach. They are an international team of digital strategists and performers with discerning taste and high standards. They have industry-leading expertise in digital strategy, content creation, SEO, social media, web analytics, digital advertising, website development, and marketing campaigns. 

Boutique enough to care deeply, big enough to impact highly. They have embraced digital as a way of life — agile, fast-paced, and empowering. They sit together by project, not department, and organize bespoke teams purposely built for each project, by pulling together the industry’s brightest.

Crowd’s digital team are strategic thinkers, content creators, creative designers, website developers, and luxury insiders. They are driven by an ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit. They move digital boundaries, relentlessly pushing themselves and their clients to venture beyond expectations and produce work that inspires.

A Successful Project of Crowd

Luxury Real Estate on Palm Jumeirah

W Residences, a global property development company, came to Crowd to create the website for Palm Jumeirah properties while planning its 2020 global campaign and China strategy. Crowd created a beautiful website for this hospitality brand and has worked within the brand parameters for positive results.

The site’s design intent was designed to attract luxury real estate enthusiasts and encourage them to invest in a beachfront home at the Dubai-based luxury W Hotel Resort in Palm Jumeirah. As a result, the number of targeted keywords on the first page increased by 50%, and organic traffic increased by 65% ​​in the second month.

GPS Marketing

GPS Marketing creative branding agency

GPS Marketing is an award-winning digital and creative agency. Also, they are a full-service agency. This global agency is based in Dubai. Their commitment to impeccable service is best evidenced by their long-term client relationships, including some of the world’s top brands.

GPS Marketing team specializes in design, web development, multimedia production, and online communications strategy. Wildly creative and strategically disciplined, the NJI team works seamlessly across teams and time zones to align and deliver for their clients.

From their first conversation, GPS Marketing focuses on understanding your needs and business objectives. Every project they undertake keeps a client’s goals and strategy front and center. From brand strategy and content development to the latest platform and project management resources, their team ensures no opportunity is missed.

Zoom Digital


Zoom Digital is a digital agency with the goal of growing your business from start to finish. Their friendly business and project executives will scope your project and find out your business pain points. 

Zoom Digital’s aim is to help their local small and medium businesses grow and compete both domestically and regionally. Their mission is to support SMEs with adaptable and easy-to-utilize digital solutions which foster data-driven business growth. To provide consultation and training to help their clients develop high proficiency in their digital products.

Zoom Digital is home to all things digital and online. Their developments are both an art and a science. As a one-stop go-digital agency in Dubai, they have assisted many clients to achieve their goals, giving them an edge over their competitors online. 

A Successful Project of Zoom Digital

DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties has been the leading firm in the Middle East’s luxury real estate market since 2002. It offers iconic residential, entertainment, properties for sale as well as extensive territory in Dubai.

DAMAC Properties is a firm shaping the luxury real estate market. Zoom Digital worked for DAMAC to attract qualified visitors, gain new customers and increase revenue as the best branding agency in Dubai. Informative landing pages created for DAMAC, well-formulated and creative campaign strategy aimed at making Dubai and UAE one of the strongest places to invest in real estate globally by Zoom Digital.

Gathering the best experts in account management, web development, branding, and performance marketing, Zoom Digital has worked for DAMAC from all branches. As a result of these studies, the targets for DAMAC were achieved. Some of them reached more than 8,500 high-quality leads and achieved a 7.8% conversion rate.

Brave Bison

Brave Bison, one of the best branding company in dubai

Brave Bison is a global social media agency. Their universe is a global community of 158 million followers, generating billions of views every single month. This gives them real-time insight into what’s working, right here and right now.

Brave Bison’s skills are in helping their clients deliver exactly the right content, influencers, creators, and strategy they’ll connect with. What they have in common – with their partners, followers, and each other – is their love for this social world they live in and the way it connects us all across cultures, backgrounds, and identities.

Amplify Dubai


Amplify Dubai is a digital marketing agency based in Dubai. Amplify has been providing global marketing expertise for over 25 years and offers the latest platforms and multi-channel approaches to the brands it works with. Most importantly, their work involves both digital and analog brains for Dubai business branding consultancy.

The team is social media mavens with an international flair engaging brands with creative storytelling, comprehensive strategies, professional video production, meticulous data analytics, and social media management in their digital marketing campaigns and needs.

Amplify Dubai has collaborated with a range of global and boutique brands to create impactful campaigns while partnering with companies who help enhance our service to clients. They strive to remain relevant to provide the very best that digital marketing has to offer for its customers.

A Successful Project of Amplify Dubai

Pink Dubai Festival City Event Activation

Amplify Dubai helped Victoria’s Secret PINK! to increase their customers’ in-store spending and create an unforgettable event at Dubai Festival City Mall.

Amplify has created a game called ’12 Days of Gifting’. It was a game where customers could be rewarded for spending money at Victoria’s Secret PINK!. Among the games, a fun package such as face art, lucky dives was prepared. As the awareness of the brand increased, sales also increased.

The event was a success and was closed by Cosmopolitan Middle East, with over 85 returns in 2 hours thanks to Amplify.

How to Choose a Branding Agency in Dubai?

It is a big risk to leave it to chance when choosing a branding agency in Dubai that will adapt to your brand. The important feature that distinguishes a good branding agency from others is experience and reference. 

When you decide to work with a branding agency to get the best brand services, the questions you should ask when choosing from among your options are as follows:

  • Can this agency do good marketing research?
  • From where did they move the institutions they previously served as brand consultancy?
  • Which sector do their references seem suitable for?
  • In which areas have they developed themselves?
  • How are the agency’s own advertisements? 
  • When you look at the “about us” section of the agency’s website, do you realize that you will be working with experts?

You can work with the most suitable brand agency by proceeding in line with the answers to these questions. In this way, if your branding agency is competent and focused on the identity of the brand, it will contribute greatly to the development of your brand.

Agencies for corporate branding in Dubai that work with brand consultants who are firmly committed to their profession. They prioritize customer satisfaction will bring great results with the unique services they offer.

In this article, we have listed Dubai business branding consultancy agencies so that you can find the most suitable agency for you and your brand, and to facilitate this process. You can also explore the best web design agencies in Dubai and the best SEO agencies in Dubai if you are looking for one.

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