Best AI & Machine Learning Content Marketing Tools

AI content marketing tools improve your business by helping to take more effective actions. They shorten the time in many tasks and provide consistent content for various mediums.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can help you with content creation and content strategy backed by actual data, not with instinct. Some of the biggest brands are already using artificial intelligence to grow their business in their marketing and content production initiatives.

AI content marketing tools 

You can use AI for content marketing to set strategies, optimize campaigns, engage customers at scale, and improve their content and web design. Check out some of the best 10 AI and machine learning content creation and content marketing tools below.


Grammarly is a tool that checks your grammar and spelling in real-time and offers helpful suggestions in an instant. It is like a traditional spell checker on steroids as it works in multiple browsers and tools. It can be integrated into many platforms.

Grammarly not only checks if individual words are spelt correctly or phrases are grammatically correct, but also offers context-specific suggestions, including style suggestions, one of the most impressive features of Grammarly’s AI algorithm. In addition, it has free and paid options.

Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach AI eliminates the guesswork and rewrites your content in the style your audience prefers in order to allow you to;

  • rewrite content using clear and concise language, 
  • optimize content performance with the click of a button, 
  • segment content with unlimited profiles, 
  • uncover insights into why your content is performing, and 
  • integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

Atomic Reach’s artificial intelligence in marketing analyzes data from your content marketing efforts, then delivers intelligent suggestions about which content will be most effective next. So, the result is content that translates into better results.


Among AI content marketing tools, Textmetrics is an augmented data-driven language analysis writing platform that helps to write effective, accurate, and high-quality content. During the writing process, Textmetrics reads along, analyzes your text, and offers real-time improvement suggestions. 

Textmetrics solves low quality of communications, SEO optimization to generate more traffic and better text quality. You can reach your target audience with the right content and meet your goals with the help of Textmetrics.  


Marketmuse is an AI content intelligence and strategy platform that creates better and faster content and professionally predicts content’s success. The tool specifies exactly what you need to target in order to compete on which topics.

MarketMuse also offers AI-powered SEO recommendations and insights that can guide your entire content creation team and your entire content creation process. MarketMuse’s most impressive functionality is the ability to use AI to start drafting content based on those recommendations for you. is another powerful content engine that enables professionals and businesses to research and publish content through its content tool. It offers professionals to share important ideas with the right audiences giving them an opportunity to create and maintain a meaningful content presence. has many features that allow you to; 

  • increase credibility with readers, 
  • build brand awareness, 
  • create engaging web pages from your chosen content, 
  • improve your social channels with curated content, 
  • embed your content pages on your website, 
  • improve selected content in templated newsletters and automatic scheduling of social media messages.


Clearscope is an incredibly easy-to-use interface and content optimization tool that helps the content team understand what to write about, how to write it. It uses data that helps a content marketer understand whether to write an article based on a particular keyword and how many times they should use that word in their text.

To analyze how successful it is, Clearscope checks the text according to which keywords are used and how often used. Clearscope is great in that it lets you know exactly the words you need to include in order to have good content.


Topic is another great solution that enables editors and agencies to create content briefs in a short time. It will help you to create high-quality content in a useful way. It offers you SEO optimized and developed with great insights that would be almost impossible to get with a manual process. 

With the help of top 30 Google results about your focus keyword, Topic’s Outline Builder curates the research into a comprehensive outline, quickly makes you see what your draft is missing, and finally optimizes before publishing. It definitely saves your time and gives you more and better content.  


Another option of AI content marketing tools is Frase, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its Integrated content optimization, site search, and conversational AI tools help you engage with visitors on your site. It has an AI-powered answer chatbot that uses content from your site to answer user questions.

Moreover, Frase’s creative and advanced features and fully integrated site search, chatbots and, API make it possible to do more intelligent content creation and strategy and help you create engaging on-page experiences. Its unique approaches to AI and machine learning also makes converting more organic traffic a breeze and any content marketer or content creator can produce smarter content.


The last one among AI content marketing tools, we want to mention is Surfer which crafts content marketing strategy through generating guidelines and insights with its artificial intelligence. Surfer’s algorithms prepare a plan adjusted to your domain, niche, and audience without wasting time. So, it is a useful tool for copywriters, content creators, SEO agencies, bloggers, and freelancers to enhance and optimize their content. 

Surfer creates suggestions based on the highest-performing sites and gives information on the ideal word count for your content, keywords to use on your website or texts. It is a great tool for creating high ranking content.

Wrapping Up

We have gathered the top 10 AI & machine learning content marketing tools with their own features and benefits. As we live in a fast-paced world, our needs are rapidly changing too. So, suggesting a tool as the best fit for your business would not be fair. Before making up your mind, you should observe your ever-changing needs well.

If you have come a long way and still not decided about the best solution for your business, have a look at our comprehensive content marketing tools list to explore more!

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