Slavica Grgic

Slavica is Marketing Manager at Udonis. If you asked her a few years ago, she never thought she'll end up in the gaming industry. If she is not writing new blog posts or posting content on Instagram or Facebook, she is making sure that everything is picture perfect.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How To Craft The Ideal Marketing Strategy For Your App In 2020?

Your users are not online, they are mobile. More searches every day are made from mobile devices and our phones today can do things we couldn’t imagine they could do a few years ago. Therefore, choosing the best marketing strategy for your mobile app will definitely increase the chances of your product’s success. But how …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Starting with User Acquisition

Are you a gambler? My bet would be you’re not. If you have a finished app or game, you’re probably looking for users. You’re looking to ensure a way your marketing investment consistently comes back… and stays. And going into user acquisition strategy without understanding who you’re what you’re trying to accomplish is not called …

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