Rebecca Waterfield

Rebecca is the Content Director at Blaze Media in Liverpool. She trained and worked as a journalist before presenting and producing a mainstream radio show for 10 years. Rebecca was coached in authentic, engaging content writing by Bill McMahon, the man responsible for training some of radio’s leading hosts including Howard Stern. Creating and curating authentic, inspiring and engaging content is a superpower she uses for the good of others, helping businesses to stand out from the crowd. She also dabbles in stand up, wishes it was Christmas every day and is still a proud Brosette.

BLOG | Mobile Marketing

Are You in the Club(House)?

If you’re looking for something different, somewhere you can hang with celebs one minute and your mates the next then check into the Clubhouse? Somewhere you can network with people in the same industry across the world or meet local people with similar interests then maybe Clubhouse is for you – the new FOMO inducing …

BLOG | Content Marketing

Top 10 Tips for Repurposing Evergreen Content

When it comes to content across your digital platforms, you should treat it like you would a water bottle and not go for the single-use option. Why spend so much time creating something that you only post once? I’m not talking about simply reposting the same piece of content but tweak it so that it …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Dream, Cream, Bread & Butter – Meeting Your Perfect Client on Social Media

For those of you familiar with certain networking events, you’ll be used to being asked to give a specific person or company as a referral request after your elevator pitch. The reasoning behind it is simple; our brains process so much information daily that simply asking for anyone who…’ won’t work. We need names and …

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