Owain Powell

A recent convert from Sports Marketing to Digital Marketing, Owain works on in-house and agency side digital marketing projects at Decibel Digital. When not at work, he can be found learning Portuguese (BR), playing football, tennis, and dancing.


Why We Should All Start To Look Beyond Google Analytics

Is it time to look beyond Google Analytics? There is little doubt that Google Analytics (GA) provides a wealth of invaluable features. With it, we can check traffic, which channels traffic came from and how many conversions are being made. We can also measure which the best and worst performing pages are. These features come …

BLOG | Mobile Marketing

Should We Be Concerned By Mobilegeddon?

Mobile search worldwide is about to change thanks to Google’s latest update, the aptly name “Mobilegeddon” which is set to rock the search industry. Mobile usability has been a search engine ranking factor for some time, and Mobilegeddon looks set to push that even further than previous (more cutely named) algorithm updates, Penguin and Panda according …

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