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Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

7 Cyber Attacks Prevention Tips for Website Owners

Cybercrime have extensively become a great threat for web users and website owners. This is a result of poor website security and people need to take intense care about it in order to sustain their businesses. Identifying threats is something important but preventing them is way too important. In today’s post, let us discuss on …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

7 Questions To Ask Your Reputation Management Service Provider

Gaining your prospects’ trust can be challenging. While there is a lot that goes toward nurturing leads and converting them into loyal customers, one factor can help your business spike – online reviews. 85% of consumers take online reviews as personal recommendations. This means you gain your target market’s trust easily. There’s one catch though. …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

9 Actionable Reputation Management Tips for Small Businesses

Who doesn’t want a successful business with a loyal customer base? Attracting and retaining customers is the most important marketing goal for small businesses in 2019. Reputation management is an excellent skill small business should work on to achieve these marketing goals. After the fraudulent practices of corporations like Enron surfaced, businesses of all sorts …

BLOG | Web Design

Tricks That Make Your Website Expand To International Markets

Do you want to attract international audience to an ecommerce website? With the additional global traffic visiting your site, sales will grow exponentially. Asia alone accounts for 55% of the world’s internet users. If you want to take your small business to the next level, going global might be your best bet. Selling products and …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

6 Virtual Conferences & Webinars That Digital Marketing Professionals Should Not Miss

Digital marketing is an interesting industry that has created many successful ventures. Unlike being a doctor or a paleontologist, you don’t necessarily need a fancy degree to start putting your digital marketing skills to work. You should have the skills and the right experience to test the waters. The best part about this field is …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Current Challenges In The Automotive Industry And How Blockchain Is Solving Them

Blockchain is a truly revolutionary technology. Since the adoption of Blockchain solutions is rampant, we can expect to see more of these solutions in the future. The innovative nature of these Blockchain technology enabled solutions will solve a lot of the automotive industry’s problems. Though there are quite a few areas in the automotive industries …

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