Mattan Danino

Mattan Danino is the Founder & CEO of WEBITMD, a Growth Marketing & Creative Agency with offices in Los Angeles & New York City. He is a Google-accredited partner and industry-known thought leader in digital marketing with more than 15 years of experience as a true engineer in growth strategies online. Having appearances in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Engadget and many more notable publications, Mattan enjoys sharing his passion and industry expertise with prospective clients and colleagues. As a business consultant Mattan has parlayed with Fortune 1000 enterprises gaining international recognition.

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4 Ways Brands Can Make Strong Connections With Buyers

As we move ahead into 2019, brands are scrambling for more ways than ever before to make lasting connections with buyers. We are in an age of the buyer where consumers no longer rely on sales people to help them make purchasing decisions; your customers are engaging in their own research to learn more about …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How CEOs Can Build Growth Momentum In Difficult Times

If your online sales in 2018 left something to be desired, you are not alone. For many organizations it seems this year has been one of marketing trial and error, and one that saw huge losses in organic traffic due to a number of Google algorithm update. Then there are agencies who have bigger challenges …

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Setting Realistic Growth Goals With Marketing Stacks: What Every CEO Should Know

A savvy CEO understands the value of setting growth goals that take their organization into the right direction. But defining what that right direction is, and engineering a road map to get there, is not so simple or straightforward. According to the 4th Annual Staples National Small Business Survey, more than 80 percent of 300 …

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How Leadership Teams Take The Wrong Approach Seeking Partnerships With Digital Marketing Agencies

A 300-page book can easily be written that covers the multiple reasons why organizations benefit from partnering with digital marketing agencies. But, there is value in uncovering the wrong approach and logic that’s typically taken when vetting them so that C-suite types can make the best decisions for their companies. Most companies start searching for …


How To Succeed In Growth Marketing

It’s interesting, but almost every time a new client phones our agency they say things like “we want to be number one on Google” or “we need SEO services”. But this isn’t what they really want. In talking to these callers it becomes clear they want what every business wants: to hit their revenue targets …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How Growth Marketing Stacks Are Shaking Up Digital Marketing Agencies

The landscape of digital marketing is blowing up. According to AdAge, the number of digital marketing agencies and service providers in America has doubled since 2012. From your college dropout entrepreneurs running web development services from their mom’s basement, to boutique growth marketing agencies, and marketing firms with 100+ heads, our industry is expanding and …

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How To Achieve Measurable Revenue By Streamlining Your Growth Marketing Strategy

Lead-generation metrics are a favorite topic for any round-table discussion. People simply get excited over the number of Facebook likes, webinar attendees, and white paper downloads because these metrics are easy to track. But there is a problem here because these metrics lack any impact on tracking revenue directly related to your growth marketing strategy. …

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How To Find The Best Digital Marketing Workshop To Help Grow Your Business

Chances are good you’ve tried PPC, SEO, or both. It is also safe to assume you saw some traction, but not enough to really put you on the path to hitting your growth goals and high revenue targets. What do you do now? All the digital marketing agencies you have reached out to pretty much …

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How Does A Digital Marketing Growth Stack Evolve Over Time?

We are in the middle of a marketing renaissance where there are new and multiple ways to achieve steady business growth. Historically, marketing has been a major evolutionary force since ancient times. Roman gladiators were paid to wear advertisements on their battle garb, and marketplace sellers from India and China relied on conversation strategies to …

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3 Main Reasons Why Leads Don’t Convert

Generating a bounty of leads is the goal for most businesses, but if they don’t convert they offer low-value. In order to convert leads to sales a comprehensive strategy, the right technology, proper training and a number of other things need to come together. This is no small order which is why most companies with …

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