Mattan Danino

Mattan Danino is the Founder & CEO of WEBITMD, a Growth Marketing & Creative Agency with offices in Los Angeles & New York City. He is a Google-accredited partner and industry-known thought leader in digital marketing with more than 15 years of experience as a true engineer in growth strategies online. Having appearances in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Engadget and many more notable publications, Mattan enjoys sharing his passion and industry expertise with prospective clients and colleagues. As a business consultant Mattan has parlayed with Fortune 1000 enterprises gaining international recognition.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

7 Tips for Finding Success With Remote Selling

Although this spring’s shift to remote work was originally meant to be temporary, many teams have made the decision to work from home for the foreseeable future. With this change comes a drastic shift in the way that businesses need to approach their interactions with people outside the company, such as communicating with potential clients …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Why Will Sales Enablement Strategies Be More Important Than Ever?

Marketing and sales misalignment is costing businesses more than a trillion dollars per year. The misalignment is one of the main reasons why businesses fail to develop a successful sales strategy. Therefore, marketing needs to know more about sales, and sales need to learn more about marketing. But what is sales and marketing alignment? And …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How Sales Enablement Strengthens Your Digital Marketing Investment

The line between digital marketing and sales is becoming …

BLOG | AI Marketing

How Can Chatbot Marketing Improve Business Performance Post-COVID-19?

As the COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the planet, marketing teams …


How to Create a Powerful SEO Strategy in 2020

Did you know that businesses spend more than $65 billion every year on SEO? An effective SEO strategy allows enterprises to build fast, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank well on search engines. Consequently, businesses reap benefits such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads, improving conversions, enhancing user experience, and developing brand credibility. Nevertheless, many …

BLOG | Content Marketing

What’s a Brand Story and Why Does Your Business Need It

Modern marketing tells a story. Whether it’s a story about price, customer service, or a more human tale, trends in advertising for the last few years have leaned heavily on storytelling. The effectiveness of these campaigns is often based on your storytelling abilities. Here, we’re going to dissect the idea of a brand story. We’ll …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Prepare Your Business With a Marketing and Sales Strategy After the Pandemic Outbreak

As the world is struggling with COVID-19, some countries are already noticing the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though it’s still somewhat dim, your company can start walking toward the exit with a new marketing and sales strategy in hand. While some of your competitors are mulling over the unprecedented downtime, others …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

What Is Sales Enablement and Why Your Business Needs It?

Most people in the sales industry are familiar with the concept of sales enablement. Just because you may have heard the term doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a firm grasp on the concept. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. There is a lot of confusion in the sales industry about what is included as part …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

3 Common Goals Any Robust Growth Marketing Stack Should be Laser-Focused On

Growth marketing is certainly not a new term, nor is it a revolutionary service in the landscape of digital marketing. In actuality, the strategy has been around for more than a decade. But recently, growth marketing stacks have seen a resurgence as more businesses are becoming aware that SEO and paid media alone fail to …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How to Create an Optimized, Sales-Driven Blog within a Growth Marketing Strategy

While most businesses think of blogging as an SEO play or a way for companies to present themselves as a leading brand in their industry, blogs bring a lot more value that most organizations fail to tap into. If properly optimized, blogs can contribute to a significant percentage of a company’s sales, and there is …

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