Jason Myers

Jason Myers is a B2B content marketing expert helping companies to drive thought leadership that translates into sales conversations. He leads the demand generation and business development efforts for Flightpath, a leading digital marketing agency in NYC.

BLOG | Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy Is The Secret Sauce For B2B Sales

We see internet disruptions every day. The results of which are obvious in highly visible industries, such as media and publishing, music, consumer products, advertising and more. It has also affected the way B2B companies go to market. Most notably, on the marketing side where advertising has become more competitive, less effective, and usually reaches …

BLOG | Content Marketing

Can’t Find Good Sales People? Solve Your Marketing Problem

I feel sorry for salespeople that get no support from marketing… I talk to plenty of them who are relegated to sending out emails and pounding on the phones because they have no other choice-they’re not getting any leads or intelligence from marketing. I guess I should also feel sorry for the business leaders that …

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