Tribe China

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Tribe China is an integrated Public Relations and Marketing Communications agency based in Shanghai, China.

Agency Employees: 2-10


Tribe China is a integrated Public Relations and Marketing agency based in Shanghai, China. We’re a team of skilled media relations experts, content specialists, and social media natives who are on a mission to help global brands reach their awareness goal and achieve business success in China. Part of the services Tribe offer include public relations, social media, content marketing, localization, positioning strategy and corporate communications.

Tribe China is a boutique PR and marketing agency specializing in business communications for global B2B and tech brands in China. We blend modern PR with compelling content marketing through a localized digital channel matrix to help brands establish trust, bolster awareness, generate demand, and ultimately contribute to their business success in China.

We are a team of skilled PR professionals, content strategists, and digital experts who strive to bridge the knowledge gap between the east and west. Our commitment to delivering on our promises to customers guides us in all we do.

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