OneMagnify Built a New Retailer Portal for Syngenta

OneMagnify built a new retailer portal and staffed a support center to engage directly with thousands of Syngenta’s channel partners.


The world will need to feed 9 billion people by 2050. Syngenta, a multi-billion dollar agriculture company is working to make this a reality.

But to do so, they need to be able to support their partnerships with contracted distributors and authorized retailers through various incentive programs. In order to maintain the integrity of these programs and ensure a timely and accurate redemption process, Syngenta needed to provide their channel partners with a flexible platform for reporting sales and inventory levels. This would allow Syngenta to obtain the information required to redeem its programs, while at the same time eliminating potential overpayments due to fraud or reporting errors.

The system OneMagnify built helps them stay on track of this goal.


To ensure program integrity, OneMagnify analyzed the data and then took multiple steps. They built a new retailer portal and staffed a support center to engage directly with thousands of the client’s channel partners. OneMagnify:

  • Built a reconciliation engine, used to integrate and validate transactional and inventory data based on hundreds of business rules as well as client master data
  • Implemented reconciliation processes to verify the accuracy of the data reported, detect sideways movement of product or other non-compliant sales activity, confirm volumes, and ensure the overall validity of the data
  • Established daily exports/syncs of “reconciled” data to client’s redemption and business intelligence systems for program calculation and sales reporting


The system, and its supporting material, were even more successful than Syngenta anticipated. Goals for enrollment and submission far surpassed expectations, and the initiative produced these staggering results:

  • Millions of transactions and inventory records received and processed
  • Thousands of retail partners engaging with Syngenta through the new portal and support center

About OneMagnify

OneMagnify is a full service, global agency dedicated to building and transforming the world’s most ambitious brands through innovative digital marketing solutions.

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