Novi.Digital Developed a Combined Strategy for TeamworkIQ

TeamworkIQ contacted Novi.Digital to develop a combined strategy that would help them recruit Beta customers before launch and understand customer acquisition economics of SEO and PPC campaigns.

TeamworkIQ is the fastest and easiest way automate recurring business processes, repeatable workflows, and procedural checklists. Simply outline who needs to do what as you would in a document. TeamworkIQ turns the outline into a fully automated and ready-to-use workflow.

The San Francisco, California based team had been developing the app and contacted Novi.Digital to help develop an online presence and marketing strategy to recruit beta customers ahead of launch.

What Was the Problem?

When TeamworkIQ contacted Novi.Digital, they wanted to develop a combined strategy that would help them recruit Beta customers before launch and understand customer acquisition economics of SEO and PPC campaigns ahead of launch. The data from those experiments would then be used to further inform the strategies for increased activities on launch.

TeamworkIQ says:

Novi.Digital’s challenge was two-fold: they wanted to validate some potential marketing strategies, and they also wanted to test and launch their product.

Novi.Digital ran a campaign that helped them identify a variety of terms that their target market would use to locate a product like theirs. They quantified that collection and found that the top 10% of keywords were meeting the customer acquisition targets.

They also set up Google Analytics and helped with SEO and creating a framework for the site, such as landing pages, that worked in concert with their advertising but also worked off of organic search terms. The site is constantly evolving in terms of content as well as strategy, and Novi is producing blog posts that they want to syndicate into social media.

How Did Novi.Digital Resolve It?

Having demonstrated that the PPC campaign they’d built was effective (producing a conversion rate of 8% cost-effectively), they paused it ahead of the launch to save the client money. They focused on a blog-driven content strategy. The blogs they produced would all reference ‘influencers’ in the field of project management, team productivity, and process management. The goal was to draw TeamworkIQ into the field’s main conversation, establishing trust with potential clients and developing interest ahead of launch.

Novi.Digital continued their keyword research, examining the performance of PPC search terms, allowing them to refine and improve the paused campaign.

What Were the Outcomes?

As the launch approaches, TeamworkIQ’s site is performing strongly organically. 23% of organic visitors sign up!

Content production has shifted from the blogging strategy described earlier to develop strong landing pages which will support the improved PPC campaign on its reactivation.

These pages are built for PPC. They will drive visitor engagement and provide PPC anchors with a high Quality Score. Doing this reduces the cost of each individual click, allowing a PPC campaign to reach more potential customers for the same budget. It also makes visitors more likely to become customers.

What’s Next?

Once the product launches, Novi.Digital will be reactivating the PPC campaign, and continuing to refine it to provide improved performance. Their bid management strategy is cost-effective, and they continue to develop new landing pages to provide high-quality score anchors, bringing down the price of each click.

They continue to research trends in the business world which TeamworkIQ might be able to take advantage of. They keep a clear focus on the topics key influencers in the field are discussing, and their competition review also flags up new opportunities.

They’ve developed a strategy to build online outreach through the same influencers TeamworkIQ’s blog already provides interaction with.

Using Google Analytics, they’ll be able to provide their client with feedback on how TeamworkIQ’s product is being used. Novi.Digital will be able to identify any feature which is received even better than expected and immediately adjust strategy to market it.

Ongoing content production will focus on the individual features Novi’s research shows customers are most interested in. They’ll be able to diversify this to support new features as the app’s capabilities are expanded.

About Novi.Digital

Novi.Digital was founded in 2009 by digital expert and entrepreneur, Aaron Crewe. Novi is one of the UK’s leading data and psychology-driven SEO & PPC agencies.