Appril Festival 2021

Appril Festival 2021 is an event all about mobile business, app development & new technology.

Appril Festival 2021 is all about mobile business, app development & new technology. This festival is all about connecting the dots of the product side, design aspects and business side of creating an app.

You can join the event for great App Showcases, Mobile Business cases, App Marketing & Lead Generation, Human Centred Design & Tech Talks, Artificial Intelligence, AR, IoT, Conversational User Interface and more.

At this great event, you can build excellent customer journeys, mobile marketing and brands of the future. Also, you can join designers, developers, marketers and business strategists at the breakout sessions and meet mobile heroes.

Watch the video to find out more information about Appril Festival:

Appril Festival 2020 is the leading mobile applications event where members of the Appril community meet. It will try to be supportive and helpful. It’s a nationwide community platform for app publishers, visionaries and tech professionals working on innovative services and products.

The event will shine a light on mobile businesses, app marketing insights, UX/UI design and new technologies. The speakers ready to share knowledge about conversational user interfaces and excellent customer journeys and help you to build leading brands of the future.

If you are a UX designer, a (native or web) app developer, product owner, marketer, investor or business owner, you must join this event.

For more details and registration visit the Appril Festival website.This event is organized by Appril Festival İn 2021 in Amsterdam.