Elespacio Creates The Cookbook For Email Strategy With VorWerk

As digital advertising continues to evolve, with everybody now available on social channels, it’s fair to wonder about the future of email marketing. Is this becoming an outdated practice? Is it soon to be replaced?

Well, still today, a good email strategy will dramatically increase repeat sales and will do so better and more efficiently than any other digital marketing methods. Research shows that email delivers the best ROI among all digital marketing methods: for every €1 spent a return of €38 can be expected, on average. So, it appears like email marketing is here to stay.

Read this case study on how Elespacio used email marketing to help Vorwerk connect with their customers and generate heaps of repeat sales.

Let’s get cooking!

Vorwerk is a global household brand famous for the Thermomix kitchen appliance, a super tool capable of cooking just about everything. Vorwerk has a very unique way of engaging with its customers relying on word-of-mouth and an incredibly loyal and passionate community that recommends and recruits new customers.

In addition to selling Thermomix, Vorwerk monetizes on content through Cookidoo, an online platform that provides recipes and cooking ideas to global Thermomix users.

Vorwerk Stakeholder says:

We want our customers to cook.

The customer journey, from requesting a product demo to renewing a Cookidoo subscription, can be complex. It involves different points of contact, both physical and digital, and global product owners who manage different parts of the journey. Email marketing plays a key role in activating and engaging users in this highly interdependent ecosystem.

Vorwerk approached Elespacio to re-establish Thermomix and Cookidoo’s global email marketing strategy removing user pain points and improving their experience by addressing their needs with highly relevant and inspirational content.

Followed by the strategic recommendations, Elespacio team designed and developed a set of seven email templates ready for rollout. This case study will bring you the highlights of their discovery process.

Where did Elespacio start?

In order for them to get a better understanding of what needed to be addressed with Vorwerk’s email strategy, Elespacio conducted a process of discovery consisting of desk research and stakeholder interviews with members of the international, Spanish and French teams.

This process of discovery allowed their team to get to know the Vorwerk brands, the teams behind it and the processes that are in place when it comes to planning and executing email marketing campaigns across different markets.

In addition, their research helped them map out the entire customer journey for Thermomix and Cookidoo, which in turn led them to identify opportunities and pain points that customers experience at different stages of the journey.

Onboard, convert, retain

The core goals of Vorwerk’s email strategy for Thermomix and Cookidoo are to onboard, convert and retain customers. By looking at every step of the journey and literally stepping in the shoes of users, Elespacio team was able to identify the challenges the brand was facing in connecting with its audience and delivering on their expectations.

In order to meet these challenges, they created a strategy that addressed the following key areas:

Customer segmentation
Segmentation is both an opportunity and a challenge for email marketing. In the case of Thermomix and Cookidoo, not only it’s important to know at which stage the user is in the journey – essentially if the user already purchased the appliance or subscribed to Cookidoo, but mainly what kind of food one prefers. The more we know, the more we can automate and segment, and thus improve the user experience.

Messaging structure and content value
By understanding what emails were meant to onboard, which to convert and to retain, Elespacio created a whole set of messages that included automatic email drips, promotional emails and newsletters. The goal is to target users with relevant content in the moments they are most likely to engage with Thermomix and Cookidoo.

Brand consistency
Given this complex multi-touchpoint user journey, it was essential for the brand to achieve consistency in visual design and tone of voice. Whilst Elespacio provided design guidelines for email templates, they also recommended on how to achieve consistency when different teams across the globe manage email campaigns using their own tools and resources.

Inspire me, I want to cook

Once Elespacio’s strategy team figured out what needed to be done, their visual design team created a set of seven email templates focusing on a modular structure that would allow the client to adapt content according to the needs of specific markets and campaigns. They created modern, playful and inspirational templates. It’s all about cooking!

About Elespacio

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