Digital Silk Created Consumer Rewards Program for HP

HP was looking to implement a new global reward program. These types of initiatives are typically hard to implement and measure ROI.

They built a user-friendly website and an advanced retargeting campaign using data, analytics, and email marketing. The result: 40,000 active reward members.

The Challenge

HP Requires a Rewards Program That Can Be Implemented Globally

In order to bring better customer experience surrounding new products, HP decided to create a rewards program that offered points and bonuses for every purchase.

This provided customers with the chance to exchange their points for original printer cartridges or get an instant gaming key for their new gaming PCs.

HP aims to bring its customer experience in regards to new products to a new level by offering points and bonuses for their purchase.

The customers will have the chance to exchange their points for original printer cartridges or get an instant gaming key for their new gaming PCs.

Plus, HP has a large number of retail and online stores, which makes this marketing initiative hard to be implemented, monitored and ROI measured. On the other hand, a sales force training program is costly and difficult to be implemented. In addition, there are too many online shops and websites to connect with efficiently.


The Solution

Digital Silk Built an Online Program That Provides Instant Rewards to Customers

They created an online program where the customers have the chance to register their new products and get points or instant bonuses.

With this program, HP has a better understanding of how many customers have been enrolled in the rewards program, how they behave within the program, and which marketing campaign was most successful at driving additional users.

Some of their deliverables included:

Program Communication

Retailers and resellers refer HP’s program in their own newsletters associated with HP products.

Audience Reach

Digital Silk targeted customers based on their interest in HP printing or gaming products.

User-Friendly Website

The customers submitted their purchase proof and product serial numbers in a custom interface. This portal also allows them to see the points they have gathered and gaming key download after purchases are validated. There also an interface for the users that joined the program, but not purchased yet.


Based on users’ behavior with the program, they created segments and retargeted based on the level of engagement.

Email Newsletters

All the customers and non-customers enrolled in the program were announced at the beginning of every new campaign.

Nurturing Communication

An automatic email messaging was set up sending to information about the level of points, required action, successful submissions, and product validation.



How Digital Silk Created a Comprehensive Rewards Program for HP That Works

They tracked and analyzed the most successful actions and narrowed the audience based on engagement with the website. They also tracked and analyzed all third-party communications.

Based on the users’ behavior and feedback, they improved the landing pages and the experience with the website.

For more accuracy, they removed all inactive accounts and created levels of users, based on their activity inside the program.

The Results

In 6 months, they achieved:

  • 40,000 active members inside the program,
  • 56% of customers are repeat customers,
  • Automated reports generated for the campaign detailing real time data.

About Digital Silk

Digital Silk creates SUPERIOR digital experiences. From brand strategies to custom websites & apps to results-driven marketing solutions.

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