Dan Golden

Dan Golden is the Co-Founder, President & Chief Search Artist at BFO (Be Found Online) a full-service performance digital media agency; optimizing paid and organic media across search, display, social, and mobile platforms. BFO is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the Midwest.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

The Case For Agency Transparency

Give Clients More by Doing Less and Make Sure They Know It! Clients are smart. The more an industry grows, the more experience and understanding they gain. Before long, they understand a lot and they can see through the unbelievable. The digital marketing industry is no different. For example, a client can look at an …


12 Essential Google Analytics Tools For Improving Landing Page Performance

Testing landing pages? We put together a list of essential Google Analytics landing page tools, reports, and features to make sure any landing page testing program is properly measured. Don’t miss out on these features. 1. UTM Parameters In order to properly track any campaign in Google Analytics, ensure that you’re using the proper UTM …

BLOG | Content Marketing

10 Ways To Be Your Agency’s Favorite Client

We had a theory that the best clients to work with also got the best results. To test this theory, we created a Perfect Client Index (PCI). Last year, we invested time and resources to measure and study how our interaction with clients correlated with results. We just recently completed this year-long PCI evaluation process. Part …


Are you ‘Near Me Search’ Optimized?

It’s an irony of search engine marketing. The more we improve the granularity of our search targeting, the more our customers’ searches seem to become more generalized. After all, “near me search” sounds about as general as you can get. Google has trained many searchers to be lazier since the results become geo-customized without the …

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