Catherine Park

Catherine Park is a professional Content Writer and a blogger with full of energy and positivism. She is expert in writing exclusive contents on business and technologies that are helpful for large enterprises, SMEs and business startups.


Tips And Tricks To Solve Common SEO Problems

If you want your businesses to see a boost in sales or to give your brand a better position in its market, maximizing your digital marketing campaign is one great way to go. After all, businesses can pull a higher ROI from their cheap blogging and social media activities than they can pull from a …

BLOG | Web Design

Top 10 UI Design Trends For 2018

Going hand in hand with user experience, the user interface of a product is an important aspect to take into consideration when walking through your customer journey. To increase conversions on your website, you should have a website or application that’s user-friendly and offers sufficient information for the user to complete a transaction. If you’re …

BLOG | Web Design

3 Do’s And Don’ts For A Good Website Design In 2018

The internet is a competitive environment. New entrepreneurs spend so much time trying to get visitors to their website that they forget about an even more important task – how to keep visitors engaged while on their website. Internet users have very short attention spans so if you don’t get their attention quickly; then they …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

What Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy For 2018?

Make no mistake; in the modern business world, a huge portion of your marketing is going to be digital. Consumers are flocking online to find the best deals while businesses continue to migrate over in order to meet their demands. You need to be able to reach those consumers if you have any hope of …

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