PepsiCo’s Game of Thrones-Branded Mtn Dew “Can Has No Name”

Did you know that the only way to see this Game of Thrones Kill List is to buy a brandless can of Mountain Dew?

Because of the final season countdown is on, Game of Thrones has all the attention in the market from Oreo to PepsiCo. So the new thing is from a soft drink brand. When chilled, Mtn Dew’s brandless cans reveal ‘Game of Thrones’ content.

The history of the cold-activated can goes back 10 years. Coors “pioneered” the technology as a trick to target beer drinkers of the “optimal” temperature to drink Coors Light and Coors Banquet. So the idea is old, but the campaign is new.

Fast-forward to today, that same technology is part of a marketing crossover between Mountain Dew and the wildly popular HBO series Game of Thrones. While a previous hook up for the show with Bud Light was all about fire (literally, in the form of a dragon destroying a jousting arena in a lauded Super Bowl ad), this one goes to the other end of the Game of Thrones spectrum: ice.

The brand created a special-edition Mountain Dew can inspired by one of the show’s most beloved characters, Arya Stark —and her training with the Faceless Men of Braavos. When it’s warm, “A Can Has No Name” is just white and brandless. However, when cold, it reveals Arya’s kill list as a tribute to characters who met their demise in previous seasons—and her remaining targets. It’s a real-chilling tease to the final season that may show us who wins the throne after all.

In order to get their hands on a can, Mtn Dew is inviting fans to share what they would do #FortheThrone and post with that hashtag along with #ACanHasNoName and #MTNDEWSweepstakes. In New York and L.A., they’ll also get a chance to score the cans by providing the secret password to whom Mtn Dew has dubbed the “Masters of Coin,” who will then lead them “Iron Vending Machines” dispensing the Dew.

Beides from the Coors beer, the idea is reminiscent of a previous “Game of Thrones” licensing tie-up with Johnnie Walker from last year, which featured bottles of scotch that revealed the message “Winter Is Here” when they reached freezing temperature. The cans are, limited-ed, so try one if you want to see the list.