Fullstack Software Engineer

fresk.digital is looking for a Fullstack Software Engineer to join their team.


fresk.digital is looking for a Fullstack Software Engineer to join their team in Amsterdam.

As A Fullstack Software Engineer:

• You have a proven track record in developing digital experiences for complex and business critical challenges for clients.
• You have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, e.g. CompSci, Software Eng, or you are self-taught and operate on that level.
• You feel at ease with our tech stack:
  – We build applications using JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js and/or Python
  – We mainly build event-driven, serverless applications on AWS or Azure; our frontend apps are built using React and Next.js
  – We strongly prefer NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB or Azure Cosmos DB. If we do need an RDBMS, we run with PostgreSQL
  – If a SaaS-based application delivers 80–90% of what our clients and their users need, we’re running with that; > our tech stack is ever evolving, so we are open to new tools, languages and technologies that will do a better job
• You agree that DevOps is not a role, but a team effort to continuously deliver stable, high quality, secure software at high velocity: we build it, we run it.
• You are capable of autonomously managing the complete toolchain and cloud infrastructure of an application and automate all busywork in order to maintain these.
• You have a strong affinity for design and data engineering and understand how data, design and technology complement each other.
• Above all, you acknowledge that technology is ever increasingly moving forward and you want to continuously learn and do better

Why should you join us?

  • You know that Digital Transformation has had its turn, and that it is time for Digital Sensemaking
  • You truly want to work human-centred
  • You aim for the shortest path to value
  • You want to be trusted as the expert you are
  • You want to work in a flexible working environment
  • You want to develop yourself continuously
  • You want to share your knowledge with your peers
  • You are not happy if you are not bringing value
  • You want to make a difference

And what does it mean to be part of fresk.digital?

  • We provide a Culture of Trust
  • We provide you with a competitive agency salary
  • We provide you with excellent secondary conditions of employment including – but not limited to a Homeshoring budget, mobile phone and internet budget, a home office budget and the possibility for ownership of fresk.digital through our fresk foundation
  • You will have the flexibility to decide on your working location and even your working schedule
  • We offer a minimum of 25 vacation days, yes MINIMUM, because we trust that you know better than anyone what you need in spare time or rest
  • You will have room for personal development
  • You will work with a team of great talents with a high quality track record in the digital industry
  • We will listen to what you have to say


We know you fit seamlessly in our team, because like the rest of us:

  • You understand that there is always a need behind a question and strive for bringing value to our clients
  • You put the human first. (Yes, technology is also awesome, but people are more awesome
  • You know how to connect businesses to people and help build a long term relationship between them
  • You want digital to be meaningful and make the qualitative and quantitative data speak for itself
  • You are a team player, and a pro-active colleague
  • You are ambitious, and have a can-do attitude
  • You present your ideas in a confident and inspiring manner, and feel comfortable doing so
  • You are a hell of a communicator in both English and Dutch, and maybe a surprise language we need to know about

It is time to inform us you want to join us today! Send an email to Lisa with your motivation, CV and a link to your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket account via [email protected] (subject Fullstack Software Engineer) or call her on 020-7986658..

Job Application Link: https://fresk.digital/jobs/fullstack-software-engineer

NOTE: We do not need help with our recruitment, please refrain from contacting us if you are a headhunter or recruitment agency.


So long, Digital Transformation. It's time for Digital Sensemaking. We are fresk.digital and we help companies to get from business concept to validated digital product.

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