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Widerfunnel delivers experimentation programs that generate customer insights and relentless growth.


We believe that experimentation can create better user experiences, better products – better companies.

So when it comes to our people, we look for and cultivate an “experimentation mindset”. People who solve problems with data, insight and testing – not by copying what others are doing. People who are up for testing anything – even if it can be painful in the short-term. People who aren’t afraid to be wrong – even publicly.

That mindset is present in everyone at Conversion: consultants who understand our clients and their customers, designers who focus on performance first and aesthetics second, developers who refuse to restrict our ideas with technical limitations – and project managers who make it all happen.

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  • ADDRESS: Suite 1480, 333 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 5A6
  • PHONE: +1 (604) 800-6450
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