Steve Ohanians

Steve Ohanians is the CEO and co-founder of WebEnertia, a Silicon Valley agency specializing in creating digital brand and Web experiences for B2B organizations. Over two decades after starting WebEnertia, Steve remains the company’s key leader and collaborator. By leveraging his expertise in digital strategy, user experience, design, and technology, Steve helps transform B2B brand objectives into compelling solutions. Steve’s experience includes working with some of the top global B2B brands such as Cisco Systems, Citrix, Intel, and VMware.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Visual Sitemap Can Be Powerful Tool in Delivering Website Value

Whether you’re looking to rebuild a new website from scratch or refine an existing one, sitemaps are vital tools to help ensure your redesigned digital presence will be thoughtfully organized and function at its best. The Various Sitemaps Found in Web Design There are multiple kinds of sitemaps referenced in web design, and each one …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Digital-Driven Rebranding Strategy Delivers for Your Company and Your Customers

Even the most change-resistant marketers today must admit that the world has gone digital. You, your employees, your company, and your customers set aside analog marketing assets more and more every day with your optimized digital assets pushing outward from their already prominent front and center position. Your website, app, and social media presence have …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Developing B2B Buyer Personas: Find the Simple Path before Your Complexity Costs You

Many complexities emerge when building an engaging business website. Whether B2C or B2B, every successful website works through key foundational elements including such things as developing compelling content, navigation and information architecture, social media integration, and so on. When drilling into the success factors of a B2B marketing website specifically, where much higher price points …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Misreading Your B2B Metrics Can Lead You on the Wrong Digital Marketing Path

More than ever, metrics planning, tracking and analysis are helping digital marketing leaders transform businesses. The most-successful results are created by identifying the right customer, tracking the correct things, and being willing to adjust the plan when results need to be updated. Keeping up with today’s competition means more than just capturing yesterday’s basic analytics. …

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