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YouTube’s Rewind Video For 2017 Is A Wrap And A Celebration Of Pop Culture

From the fidget spinner to Salt Bae, to Despacito and Shape of You, #YouTubeRewind 2017 says it all and summarizes the whole year in a fun, 7-minute video.

Here comes the goofy video. As an annual tradition, YouTube prepared its collage video, and named it ‘The Shape of 2017’ for this year. More than 300 stars take place in the video, and the crossfades between the songs is done really well. Uploaded yesterday, the video has received 32M views in one day and is listed as the #2 video in the trending section.

It begins with an intro by Stephen Colbert, and features YouTube creators such as Liza Koshy, Dan + Phil, Casey Neistat, The Dolan Twins, and Lily Singh. In the video we see them dancing, paint-balling and fidget-spinning to songs which were utterly popular this year, including ‘Shape of You’ ‘Despacito’, ‘Shooting Stars’, ‘Humble’ and ‘Stay’. At the end of the video, the platform features YouTubers and their channels.

According to some different aspects of view, the video shied away from the political issues and the negative events and situations such as Russia, #MeToo and Trump. Well it’s a pretty big production, and you can watch the behind-the-scenes here.

Enjoy the high-level summary, and as we said, that’s a wrap!

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