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YouTube Backstage: Bringing Social Features To The Video Website

By the end of this year, YouTube might be transformed into a social network. In addition to videos; photos, polls, and text features are coming soon.

The world’s largest video-sharing service, YouTube is looking for growth in its structure. To compete with platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, YouTube is developing some features which include, photo uploading, polls and text sharing. The project is called Backstage internally.

Similar to a Facebook Timeline or Twitter profile, Backstage will be placed in individual YouTube channels, next to the Home and Videos tabs. The posts shared might appear in reverse chronological order, in subscribers’ feeds, with notifications.


Backstage will introduce us to new content: for example tweet-like text posts and topic-based polls, there will be also new methods for video sharing. So there will be both traditional YouTube videos and Backstage-only videos.

With the presence of Backstage, users can have an opportunity to comment on the videos, with photos and videos. This is called a “rich replying” format.

Even though video sharing and viewing will remain the primary purpose of YouTube, features of Backstage will help it compete against Twitter and Facebook. Still, YouTube doesn’t expect its users to abandon the services like the other social media platforms.

The company is aiming to make a connection between users and video-uploaders like YouTubers and vloggers. This Backstage platform will not only available for the producers, but also by standard users.

Because of the unstoppable rise of video sharing, YouTube’s respond to the competition with other social media networks is wise.

There is still no specific explanation from the company, but until the end of the year, an announcement is expected.

What do you think about YouTube Backstage? Leave your comments.

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