Your Favourite Story Helped Mercedes-Benz Leverage ObservePoint

Your Favourite Story helped Mercedes-Benz UK leverage ObservePoint to maintain continuity of web tracking during a Beta rollout of their new CMS: automation of testing tags reduced testing overheads significantly.

A New Consolidated Web Presence

The new website offered a completely reimagined user experience as well as an updated web analytics implementation (Adobe Analytics). The UK was selected as the pilot market for the migration.

A Complex Migration

There were several technical and tracking challenges with migrating the UK website: it sat across more than one CMS; the analytics was delivered via multiple Adobe report suites; the aforementioned report suites used differing solution designs. Finally, the migration took place over 2 months, during which the new “Beta” site traffic was gradually increased in a phased approach. During the 2-month migration, the current and new website’s tracking and reporting were maintained in parallel; ensuring support for both macro comparative analysis and tactical Business As Usual reporting such as reporting on campaigns.

#1 Priority: Data Quality

Web analytics are an essential component of Mercedes’ KPI reporting, so it was crucial to ensure continuity and consistency of analytics data during and after the migration. It was down to Your Favourite Story to come up with a plan.

There were some known risks: for example, some currently-reported metrics would be tracked via new variables with different settings; some KPIs were likely to decline due to the consolidation of all tracking into a single report suite.

What was unknown was the degree of variance the data was likely to display, and the overall impact on reporting; and with over 150 reports to check across the 2 sites, keeping on top of data quality was no small task.

A Smart Approach to Analytics QA

Leveraging learnings from a similar past project, YFS knew that testing the analytics implementation would require a lot of time if done manually: at least one day per round of tests. This project was much larger in scope and cost, therefore a resource-efficient approach was needed as the post-launch testing had to be completed in 2 weeks.

A detailed project plan was created to cover the pre-and post-launch phases. YFS partnered with ObservePoint to use WebAssurance™ for the post-launch testing, knowing this would reduce testing time as well as the potential for human error.

The Process

WebAssurance ™ was used to verify that all analytics tags were firing correctly as per the new Solution Design Document. Every page of the new website was scanned weekly, and the most important pages – those which contribute directly to the KPI reports – were scanned daily to check for tagging anomalies. The output of the scans was fed back to the central Mercedes-Benz team in the event of errors being found e.g. missing tags or incorrect key-value pairs being captured.

A simulation was also set up for the Request a Test Drive form, which is one of the most important areas of the website for lead generation.

The Results

Partnering with ObservePoint for the immediate post-launch phase meant that Mercedes-Benz was to spot and resolve any data issues early in the process, and freed up the YFS Analytics team to focus on reporting and analysis rather than on manual testing.

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