Your Email Just Got Smarter With Smart Reply By Google

Say hello to Smart Reply – A Google app that answers your emails for you!

Google has often come to our aid, in times of need…

Now the search-giant lurches another step forward to fulfill the roles of your personal assistant.

Unveiled this Tuesday on the official Google blog: Smart Reply – a smartphone app that answers your pesky business emails for you.

Based on the content of the incoming email, Google will offer three tailored responses. Your job is to simply pick one that you deem most fitting, and click send.

Google Product Management Director, Alex Gawley said,

The network will tailor both the tone and content of the responses to the email you’re reading.

For instance, an email asking about vacation plans, could be replied to with “No plans yet”, “I just sent them to you” or “I’m working on them”.

gmail smart reply

Google described how the app uses a technology called machine learning, similar to artificial intelligence to “recognise emails that need responses” and suggest some options in natural language.

With this technology, Google has already been screening out spam, identifying photo subjects, translating text and trying to spot trends in your spreadsheet data.

The company claims the feature will evolve and improve over time, learning from a responses people chose or avoid. For that reason, Google intervened to nix one common suggested reply that’s generally ill-suited to business emails: “I love you.” Thus, making Smart Reply SFW.

Smart reply will also prompt users with to-do reminders, plot travel itineraries and make suggestions.

The app is due to arrive at the end of this week and will run on smartphones and tablets powered by Google’s Android software and Apple’s rival iOS.

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