You Heard It Right – UberAir Is On Its Way

This year, there have been incredible news from tech industry at Web Summit Lisbon and here comes the coolest one: Flying Taxi Software by Uber and NASA.

Jeff Holden, Uber’s chief product officer announced that they have signed a contract with NASA to bring “flying taxis” into real life.

As it is said, the amazing service, which will be begun to be tested in Los Angeles, in 2020, would be completely electric and the length of journey would be reduced a lot.

As they describe the urban air transportation, it is planned to use three-dimensional airspace to alleviate transportation congestion on the ground. This would be a network of small, electric aircraft that take off and land vertically (called VTOL aircraft for Vertical Take-off and Landing, and pronounced vee-tol), will allow quick, safe transportation between suburbs and cities.

In the example they gave at the Summit, it’s explained that ‘flying taxis’ would turn an 80 minutes-journey, performed by car in rush-hour traffic, into a less than 30-minutes journey.


Teaming up with NASA, “UberAir” will be in safe hands in terms of the software development.

Jeff Holden said:

Doing this safely and efficiently is going to require a foundational change in airspace management technologies,

Combining Uber’s software engineering expertise with NASA’s decades of airspace experience to tackle this is a crucial step forward.

Uber also made a deal with Sanstone Properties, owning 20 sites across the greater Los Angeles area, to create “skyports”, where people can catch their flying taxis.

Eric Garcetti, the mayor of LA, shared:

Los Angeles has always been a place where innovators come to build new ideas that can change how we live our lives. LA is the perfect testing ground for this new technology and I look forward to seeing it grow in the coming years.

Here is the video to help you imagine a wider perspective:

As we all love the good parts of travelling rather than sticking in the traffic, the possibility that we can call an air taxi from Uber in a few years has already made us excited to wait for it.

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