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You Are Just A Song Away From Having A Pet – Adoptify

Spotify became a media partner of a meaningful campaign named Adoptify: a new platform, helping you to find a pet that has the same taste in music as you.

Want to adopt a dog but all of them look into your eyes as the best dog you have ever seen? If your answer is yes, then let the music play and help you through this process.

In collaboration with Animal Welfare Munich and Spotify, Adoptify campaign has gone live via Serviceplan Munich, an agency from the Serviceplan Group which is the largest owner and partner-managed agency group in Europe.

Adoptify simply enables you to watch the cuties dogs’ videos while your favorite music genre is playing in the background and they are accompanying it. When you feel like you have already found your future dog at the end, you can also get additional information about their genders, birthdays and breeds.

As it’s shared, the campaign was inspired by a study from the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. According to the study, the existence of dog’s musical tastes is scientifically proved, shared by Adoptify.

Professor Neil Evans, University of Glasgow said:

Overall, the response to different genres was mixed, highlighting the possibility that, like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences.

Well, after watching all these amazing videos, we must admit that we can even change our favorite music style just to become an adopter of all these amazing dogs:

Meet Ray: He loves Electro

Meet Milow: He loves Rock

Meet Gloria: She loves Hip-Hop

Visit Adoptify for more videos and details about this great campaign.

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