Y Media Labs Developed Universal Music Artists, the Tool for Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group launched a data tool for artists called Universal Music Artists, designed and developed by YML.

Intended to put data in the hands of those that need it on-the-go, it’s a beautifully designed and expertly crafted, mobile-optimized application that will show their artists what their audience looks like, where they are, how they are listening to their music, and how often. It will help show their artists how their releases are doing, and how to improve.


Universal Music Artists

Everybody has a job to do in the music industry. Singers sing songs, roadies carry the guitars and this new digital product—for Universal Music Group—plays the data scientist.


New fan, who dis?

It’s the people who decide whether an artist will rise or fall. If an artist knows who is listening and what they want to listen to, they can tailor the music, the shows, the merch, the album art— everything to grow and adapt to the constant change of the audience.


Not just numbers

They are people. Fans. Signposts. And signals. They empower artists to connect with and build their audience in new ways. In isolation, data is just noise. But in the right light, it illuminates.

Mitchell Shymansky, VP of Data and Product at Universal Music Group stated:

Y Media Labs has opened our eyes to the importance of combining data with effective storytelling and design.

About Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is an award-winning creative technology company that helps brands re-imagine their customer experiences, through next-generation technologies and world-class design.

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