WSJ Tech Live 2021

WSJ Tech Live 2021, The Wall Street Journal’s online tech event, will return for its sixth year on 18-20 October 2021.

The Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live will return this October to discuss tech innovation, investing and culture on a global scale in an online setting.

WSJ Tech Live 2021 will bring The Wall Street Journal’s cross-industry technology coverage to life. Through three days of unscripted interviews with game-changers around the globe, peeks behind the industry’s illusive curtain and new spins on networking, this completely immersive event delivers one shared moment where tech’s biggest headlines are discussed, debated and made.

Why You Should Attend?

  • Hear three days of unscripted interviews with game-changers around the globe.
  • Examine technology’s biggest topics, from big tech’s reckoning with regulation to the continuing battle between China and the U.S. for innovation domination.
  • Network with the investors, founders, entrepreneurs and other business leaders ready to redefine their industries.
  • Look at technology through a WSJ’s business lens to understand what—and who—is having a real impact on industries, economies and the world.


Aicha Evans, CEO of Zoox, said:

Sometimes things do happen planes bu we’re still flying.. unlimately autonomous cars will save lives and create jobs.

WSJ Tech Live 2021 is organized by The Wall Street Journal which was founded in July 1889. The Journal has led the way in chronicling the rise of industries in America and around the world. In no other period of human history has the planet witnessed changes so dramatic or swift.

The Wall Street Journal has covered the births and deaths of tens of thousands of companies; the creation of new industries such as autos, aerospace, oil and entertainment; two world wars and numerous other conflicts; profound advances in science and technology; revolutionary social movements; the rise of consumer economies in the U.S. and abroad; and the fitful march of globalization.

WSJ Tech Live is an exclusive event for senior leadership executives and all registrations will be reviewed and subject to approval by the WSJ Tech Live Team.

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For more details please visit WSJ Tech Live 2021 website.This online event is organized by The Wall Street Journal, will take place on 18-20 October 2021.