With Virtuali-Tee, You Can See Internal Organs In VR

This augmented reality t-shirt, Virtuali-Tee shows animated, x-ray-style image of your innards.

Curiscope launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for the production of educational t-shirts Virtuali-Tee.

When you aim your phone at Virtuali-Tee wearer, the application will show you how do their internal organs look like. App, which projects fully animated 3D image, lets you tap on selected areas and learn more about the body.

But the real fun starts when application is paired with a virtual reality headset. Then you can experience a 360 degree tour of person’s insides.

Curiscope’s campaign points out the educational purpose of Virtuali-Tee.

Ed Barton, Curiscope CEO said:

Too often we feel detached from learning. We study the body in school but only in a textbook, on screen or with a solid model. This kind of technology lets us interact with the anatomy and explore it in animated 3D, and this kind of learning can happen anywhere, at any time. Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside of the heart? Now you can actually experience it.

Right now, Curiscope raised more than 45,000£, reaching around 65% of its 70,000£ goal. The idea behind Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for mass production and lower the price of Virtuali-Tee to be as close as possible to the normal t-shirt.

As Curiscope team says:

This is just the start, we’ve got big ambitions across all subjects and by backing this project you’re going to be helping Curiscope produce more of these experiences that get kids, and all of us, excited about learning.

We also agree that learning may feel different when it’s exciting and when you’re a part of it.

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