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WistiaFest 2016 Boston



When:05/06/2016 – 07/06/2016

WistiaFest features two days of keynote talks, smaller breakout sessions, and after-hours fun. Industry’s top professionals from around the world will explain the entire video process – from the birth of the idea to its creation, execution, and measurement.

Following topics will be covered:

  • Making the most out of your Wistia account
  • The right kinds of video for your business
  • Generating and nurturing leads using video
  • Making the most out of your onboarding videos
  • Tools and techniques for DIY video production
  • Sandwich Video’s approach to compelling storytelling

Some of the speakers include:


The conference is organised by Wistia, video marketing platform for business.

Interested? Find out more on WistiaFest website.

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