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Why Inbound Is The Best Marketing Solution For Medical Private Practices

When it comes to creating a “to do list” for starting your private medical practice, healthcare professionals seldom see anything on how to put together a winning marketing strategy. In fact, most marketing handbooks for medical private practices are as outdated as bloodletting.

Traditional outbound marketing is both expensive and it generates dismal returns on your investment. Additionally, outbound marketing requires constant hand-holding and money to sustain or the efforts vanish leaving you with a blank canvas.

Your goals include creating, growing and sustaining your private medical practice. This means you need to reach the right people, with the right messaging, and market to them. So, they continue coming back while referring friends and family.

When you partner with a top HubSpot certified Google Partner healthcare marketing agency for private practices, you will be given an Inbound driven Growth Stack set of tools with customized strategies to drive the right traffic, nurture prospects into patients, and keep your appointment books full.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Before we jump into the world of inbound marketing, it is important to first understand what outbound marketing is. Also known as “push marketing”, outbound pushes your messaging out to to people banking on the chance they will respond to the message by booking an appointment.

Outbound marketing as a method is tired and antiquated. It’s practices include newspaper advertising, TV commercials, paper marketing, signage, radio and phone book advertising.

First of all, more than 92 percent of people looking for services and goods turn to Internet research; right away outbound marketing appeals to roughly 8 percent of the population. Then consider how the online buyer mindset has changed over the years.

With the advancement of mobile and voice search, today’s consumers are savvy and engage in thorough research before they decide who their new doctor is going to be. They need to be educated, informed, entertained, and this requires customized highly personal messaging that nurtures people through a funnel.

Inbound marketing does just that; it reaches out to people by targeting specific buyer personas with content they will emotionally resonate with. Then it draws them into a buyer’s journey beginning with an awareness stage before they move through the consideration stage, and then enter the decision stage.

Through this process the person learns what their true pains are. Then your inbound marketing strategy will educate them to the point they recognize your practice as the best solution to their needs.

Marketing Automation Saves Time and Money

Marketing automation platforms like HubSpot segments leads, scores them appropriately, and sends highly personalized content directed to the right kind of patients leading them to custom landing pages designed to convert them into book appointments.

Your digital marketing agency will create and manage the workflow automation saving your internal much time and money. Marketing automation streamlines the entire process allowing marketers to focus on lead quality, conversion opportunities that otherwise get lost in the system, and sending the right messaging through strategically timed increments.

Inbound Marketing Content Protocol

When creating content for inbound marketing strategies, the tired old traditional blog methodology is tossed out the door in exchange for content written to psychologically resonate with target audiences.

Your inbound marketing agency will work with your team to understand your patients, their various types, and take all the elements of your business to create branded content that makes emotional connections using buyer personas.

A buyer persona is a fictionalized representation of your real patients. Once these are created, content will be written to appeal to these people at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

One of the main reasons why people struggle to find a doctor they enjoy working with is that, often, doctors come across as cold or indifferent. Web pages, blogs and landing pages created to fuel inbound marketing offer a personalized white-glove approach leaving patients feeling understood and hopeful.

Some of the things good content does that results in patient growth include:

• Content your audience would share
• Content containing original insights and data
• Thought-provoking blogs
• Unique perspectives on topics
• Easy to understand and digest
• Well presented
• Delivered in a timely manner, and according to a strategy that examines previously digested content.

Inbound marketing content speaks to patients, and not at them. By touching on intimate pain points, challenges, and fears behind the semantic intentions people have when they enter Google searches, content in an inbound workflow speaks at highly personalized levels that build trust.

Inbound Puts the Bedside Manner Back into Marketing

As a physician your bedside manner is everything. Your patients likely want a doctor who is authoritative, confident, and also caring.

This is where inbound marketing humanizes the outreach process; it appeals to patients, presents your clinic at their level while demonstrating its fit as a perfect solution to their needs, and it builds trust by appealing to their humanity.

Do your research; contact a few healthcare marketing agencies for private medical practices, and learn how they can help you meet all your growth goals for 2018.

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