What Kind Of Education Is Most Beneficial For Aspiring Digital Marketers In 2022

2022 is here, and one thing is for sure. Technology will continue to grow, and the world will become even more digitalized.

Over 3.9 billion people use the internet worldwide. More than 3.3 billion people are active on social media. This showcases the potential of reaching customers online.

This move towards digital platforms like online course platforms has caused significant disruption in how firms market their products. It has led to the rise of digital marketers. Many now consider becoming digital marketers as a potential career move. Considering more and more businesses are using digital marketing for creating brand awareness and driving sales, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

What Kind Of Education Is Most Beneficial For Aspiring Digital Marketers In 2022

Are you an aspiring digital marketer? Well, along with having a specific skill set, you also need to have a particular type of education. This will not only help you in polishing your skills and knowledge regarding the digital world but will also give you an edge.

1. A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

A traditional college degree in the field can help you understand the basics of marketing. Regardless of what channel you are using, you must be aware of the theories of segmentation and positioning.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing allows you to gain knowledge about all the core marketing concepts. If you choose wisely, the institute you enroll in might also have a digital marketing course.


You can choose to go to a traditional business school full time or opt for an online degree for digital marketers. This depends on how much time you have. Both options have their merits and demerits. A traditional college degree is a fully immersive experience.

However, it is time-consuming. On the other hand, an online degree allows you to study at your own pace and timings. But, a proper university experience might be missing if you opt for an online degree.

Whether you choose to go to a traditional college or an online school is your choice. The fact is you need a college degree to learn the basics.

2. Google Adwords Certification

Google is one of the world’s biggest search engine. A significant portion of digital marketing revolves around placing the right ads at the right spot across digital platforms. A Google Adwords Certification allows you to know all about the pay-per-click platform.

Ask anyone in the market, and they will tell you that being a certified Google Adwords professional means something in the world of digital marketing. It gives you credibility and is evidence of your skills.

Google Adwords offers various types of certification. For instance, you can get certified for Display advertising as well as search engine advertising. The best thing about this certification is that it is holistic.

All the study material is already present on the platform for you to peruse. The exams are quite tricky but are free. If you fail, you have to wait two days before being allowed to retake the exam.

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If you are finding it difficult to pass the courses, you can seek help from Udemy whereby you are delivered with practice tests and study guides for a fee.

3. Google Analytics Courses

Google also offers various analytics courses. These courses help you effectively analyze your campaign’s effectiveness. One of the trends that were seen in 2019, which is highly likely to continue in 2020, is the rise of analytics.

The rise of digital platforms and online customer presence has allowed firms to access customer data and use it to analyze their campaigns. You can learn a lot from the CTR of your ads.

For instance, you can know whether a given campaign is yielding results based on whether or not your goal of driving traffic to your website is achieved.

But, you can only analyze the data that you have if you know how to. This is what Google Analytics courses deliver. They allow you to examine your devised campaigns and see whether it needs tweaking or not.

There are four free courses offered by Google. These courses allow you to understand the various analytics tools provided by the platform.

It starts from the basics like how to set an account in Google Analytics and also covers advanced material like configuration and collection of data.

Here is a short introduction for the Google Analytics course for beginners:

You can visit the website to learn more about the Google Anlytics courses and the contents.


4. Inbound Certification by HubSpot

Sales funnel. Landing pages. Blogging. SEO practices. There is a lot that needs to be covered in digital marketing.

HubSpot offers free courses that allow you to get the basics of inbound marketing. It covers topics like email marketing, conversion analysis, content marketing, and SEO.

There are various benefits of opting for this program. Firstly, it allows aspiring digital marketers to get the gist of all the essential concepts that might be missed in a traditional marketing degree.

Secondly, this course is specifically designed to be student-friendly. You will find lectures which are very easy to understand.

There are various resources to go along with it that help in ensuring comprehension. This includes presentations and infographics. Apart from the free inbound certification offered by HubSpot, the platform has multiple other specific marketing courses.

5. Basic coding courses

As a digital marketer, you must have a basic knowledge of coding. After all, you will be working with technology. While this doesn’t mean that you turn into a fully-fledged web developer, you need to know beginner-level coding.

You will find various courses online that will help you understand the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. During your career, you might find yourself dealing with tracking code snippets. At such times, your coding knowledge will come in handy. Also, check the best web design courses in the 2022 articles for further reading.


If you can manage, it is advised that you attain knowledge of basic PHP as well. This is because most content management systems that you will be working with will be programmed in this language. This includes platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

6. Experience

Just like in any other industry, to become a successful digital marketer, you need to gain experience in the field. How can you do so? You can apply for internships in agencies or launch a small online business to gain expertise.

One of the best ways to learn about applicable practices is by learning them on the job. This is what working for agencies or running your own business online can provide you with. It is the best form of education for aspiring digital marketers.

The more experience you have, the more likely will businesses trust you with their brand. Once you get on this carousel, it won’t stop turning.

So, apart from gaining bookish knowledge from universities and learning skills using courses, look for ways to gain experience.

In isolation, none of these types of education will be enough to help you become a successful digital marketer. Instead, you must attain them all. Also, you must keep yourself updated with all the recent trends in the digital world.

The beauty and curse of digital marketing are that it is ever-fleeting. After getting all of the kinds of education mentioned above, you will still need to keep an eye out for new courses.

Make an effort. Become a successful digital marketer.

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