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What Keeps Your Content From Going Viral?

Dos and Don’ts of creating content that goes viral! 

So you see it happening every day, how all of a sudden some video or content catches attention and hits the top charts. You get awed and try to imitate the effect. Every brand wants to create viral-worthy content that gets tongues wagging. However, it doesn’t work.

So in answer to the million dollar question: Why doesn’t my content go viral?

Here’s a few reasons why your content isn’t catching the attention of the masses:

1. Lack of Emotional Appeal

The trick of the book is to create content that lures your readers in. In order to do so, you need to know your audience inside out and cater to their emotion types. Campaigns that drive positive emotion are generally more popular than ones that cause negative emotions.

2. Your Content isn’t Great

Sorry mate, but your content is missing the ‘wow’ factor. One of the most crucial ingredients in the recipe of successful marketing is creating talk-worthy content that not only grabs the attention of the reader but also has them promoting you and your brand by word-of-mouth or social media.

Most of the brands share boring content, which rarely tempts anyone to like or share it. Create content with quality and wit, to get the likes rolling.

‘Good enough’ just won’t do, make your content great to achieve star-status.

3. A Case of ‘Bad Timing’

Finding the right time to share your content plays a major role in its virality. Discover the best timings and start scheduling your posts accordingly.

A few things to consider would be the most active day of the week, the time of the day when most people use the channel of choice and events that are important to your target audience, as well as keeping up with them.

4. Design Not Up-to-Mark

Great aesthetics are the key to stardom. There is no denying the power of design in capturing and holding attention. Not every incredible design promises to go viral, but every bad one sure does destroy its potential.

5. Poor Distribution

In order to get your content to spread like wildfire you need to distribute it in the right places. Make use of social portals to speak out, create adverts on Facebook and Google. Advertising will help get your content to your target audience. In today’s world, you sometimes have to pay to make the headlines.

This infographic by the Social Media Explorer further dives in the most common mistakes by brands that hinder virality:

Create Viral Content

In a nutshell, your content needs to be great, its needs to be well-timed and it needs to connect with the audience, helping them create a memory that they can relate to, in order to go viral.

Want to see your content here?

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