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WeTransfer Has Been Redesigned And Rebranded With Focusing On ‘We’ Only

Founded in 2009, file-sharing service WeTransfer has unveiled a new logo, website and identity; and has dropped the “transfer” from its logo.

WeTransfer was founded to ‘simply send digital photos in big sizes,’ and now is “starting from scratch” with a stripped-back two-letter symbol.

The Creative Director of the new logo, Laszlito Kovacs, brainstormed on initial concepts. Paul van der Laan joined her, and the two together redesigned the logo, picked the brand’s new color palette, typography and interface.

Senior Designer of the company, Thomas Schrijer says,

We started with an empty canvas and a mission to create a symbol that captures the right personality, one that is technically well-executed, and can clearly be read as ‘we’.

The logo also represents the community-driven nature of the service. Because the website is widely used by creatives, it now features a variety of artists on the website by using their illustrations.

Thomas Schrijer also stated,

For most of the people using WeTransfer, it’s a celebratory moment when their transfer is done. There are a couple of important moments like these in the WeTransfer experience. Illustrations can help explain something, but they can also bring a sense of joy.

Let’s watch  ‘The New WeTransfer’ video, here:


The old logo was a filled-out, blue “we” symbol, with the curve of the “e” forming a smile and accompanied by the word “transfer” in grey, both in sans-serif lowercase.

The new logo keeps the filled-out “we”, yet drops the word “transfer”, and redefines the “we”. So that it’s thicker with a higher smile on the “e” to create a “friendlier effect”, according to Laszlito Kovacs.

The service has now been changed so that files are no longer zipped, but are available as separate downloads.

Here are some drafts, the philosophy and the final version of the new logo, identity and other works of the brand:




The mobile site is now also optimized for viewing and downloading purposes. However to send files, users still need to use the iPhone or Android app.


Here are the small samples of the 30 new illustrations:


The new “WeTransfer” is a beautiful work of corporate-meets-creative, what do you think?

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