How To Start And Run a Digital Marketing Agency Business in 2021

Starting a Digital Agency in 8 Steps

1. Educate Yourself 2. Find Your Niche 3. Do Competitor Research 4. Launch Your Website 5. Build a Portfolio 6. Set a Business Model 7. Have a Social Media Presence 8. Generate Leads

Educate Yourself

Before beginning, it’s important to educate yourself and understand as much as possible about digital marketing for agencies.



Find Your Niche

Competition is intense, so finding your digital marketing niche is vital to stand out. You can then focus on a smaller audience that’s interested in what you offer.


Do Competitor Research

When starting any business, you’ll want to know how you’ll rank against the competitors.


Launching a Website

Before you launch your website, you’ll want to keep content and competitors in mind.


Build a Portfolio

When you’re starting a digital marketing agency, to get reviews and your name out there, you’ll want to offer free services.


Set a Business Model 

There are numerous ways you can bill your client, and how is up to you.


Have a Social Media Presence 

When you’re starting a digital marketing agency, you’ll want to be on social media.


Generating Leads 

There are several ways to generate leads, but it can be difficult at first growing your client base so don’t get discouraged.


Are You Ready for Starting Your Digital Agency?

While it can seem overwhelming first starting out, you should have a good idea of how to start and run a digital marketing agency. Keep this guide in mind as you’re planning out each step of your agency.