Walter Knoll – The Essence of Excellence

A digital launch campaign that would appeal to a younger, affluent audience.

When the time came to launch their new Sheru shell chair, German furniture icon Water Knoll was in a bind. Normally, new products debut – and gain traction – at furniture fairs.

Due to the pandemic, however, the company instead needed a digital launch campaign geared towards a younger, affluent audience. As the client’s lead digital agency, Studios stepped up to the challenge.

The Approach

Having begun work on the client’s new website, they came to the Sheru product launch armed with a deep knowledge of Walter Knoll and its complex target groups.

Through a series of creative workshops, they then crafted a key idea for the launch campaign. Carefully aligned with their core values, this guiding concept – ‘the essence of excellence’ – became the campaign’s Northern Star.

The Solution

Centred around the design team EOOS’s minimalist vision and Sheru’s high-quality materials, Studios crafted a digital-first product launch. Introducing both the new chair and the new brand direction, the campaign put a modern spin on the client’s time-honoured dedication to excellence and craftsmanship

A 360-degree communication strategy

To identify and attract new audiences, they put together a comprehensive communication strategy and media plan for all digital platforms. This included the creation and placement of all content and ads, as well as weekly performance evaluations.

A new bold look Studios created an entirely new art direction, bringing the product to life through immersive 3D and CGI content with an unparalleled level of detail.

A new, high-performance micro-site

They first built excitement for and then launched the client’s new website, complete with a custom video reveal of Sheru and a showcase of the chair’s history and features.

An engaging, multimedia experience

They developed a custom 3D model viewer, allowing mobile users to explore Sheru through a vivid, 360-degree experience. In addition, they composed a complete custom soundtrack for all video materials.

An authentic, ‘making-of’ film

From start to finish, they produced a short film about the creation process of the chair, and the collaboration between its designers – the Austrian design trio EOOS – and Walter Knoll.

The Outcome/ Impact

Sheru was one of the most successful product launches in Walter Knoll’s long history. The campaign also helped to establish the company as a digitally innovative and contemporary premium furniture brand.

About Studios Studios is a creative agency based in Berlin. They create brands and experiences that shape the now.