VRX 2018

VRX 2018 will take place on 6-7 December at Hilton Union Square in San Francisco.

Discount:15%4th annual VRX conference – bringing the world’s leading VR, AR and MR experts together to navigate the challenges and opportunities in immersive tech adoption.

The VRX Series of events are built for business leaders and pioneers across the virtual reality industry.

Featuring speakers and attendees from across gaming, consumer entertainment and enterprise they are firmly established as the go-to conferences & exhibitions for those looking to create and cimmercialise the best VR experiences and applications.

Check out this video and find out more about the VRX Events:

This video provides a short overview of the VRX Europe conference which took place in London, UK on May 12-13 2016.

5 top reasons why you can’t afford to miss VRX 2018

1- The best case studies, panels and experiences: You will find everything you need to know about VR and AR, from the most innovative newcomers, to the most established veterans, the agenda’s built to be interactive and informative.
2- Learn From Beyond your sector: With massive VR innovation from the games industry, they’ll have the leaders from that sector of course. But VRX also draws on established and emerging applications across mulitple enterprise types, film & broadcast media and brand marketing.
3- Try out the latest VR & ar Technology and experiences: Get up close and personal with the latest VR and AR hardware and content!
4 – Brand and Agency Insight: Whether your focus is purely on games or other VR content for brand engagement and development, you can attend and learn from the talks most relevant to your business needs.
5 – Follow the money: Learn from the companies creating the best VR experiences and investing in immersive tech today.


VRX is flooded with real decision makers from all areas of the immersive tech ecosystem. There is no other conference where you can network with this level of senior executives from across multiple industries.

VRX 2018 is organized by VR Intelligence.

The VRX events are the globe’s most influential VR & immersive tech business conferences. Since 2015, the VRX event series has brought together VR’s most influential business figures and thought leaders in major cities like San Francisco, London and Amsterdam.

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Join hundreds of major enterprises, investors, huge brands and tech juggernauts to cut through the noise and set your company up for success as immersive reality takes hold in enterprise.

For registration and event details, see the VRX website at events.vr-intelligence.com/vrx.This event is organized by VR Intelligence, on 6 -7 December in San Francisco.