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VR Goggles Have Never Been This Stylish

Creating a serious of images by visualizing VR goggles for Givenchy, the South Korean designer, Jaehyun Ha, has proved that VR/AR headsets could be designed more elegantly in addition to the use area of their functions.

The work has been released by the design studio PDF Haus, a practical product design educational institution situated in Korea.

As it has been shared by the designer of this amazing work, the concept goggles are able to render both VR and AR at the same time, allowing for a more sensory experience that looks just as stylish when viewed from outside as it does when looking through the lenses.

Combining the VR and AR with fashion lets the luxury brand users to have a realistic experience with the new VR goggles, which are designed by taking the inspiration from the way of that Givenchy contrasts elements in terms of material, color and product characteristics.


Besides several features such as camera-inspired lenses, hidden padding on the inside of the headset and different color options; Jaehyun Ha also worked on creating some ad samples to give the famous French brand an idea about the marketing of this imagined invention in the future.

Considering the high volume of interest in combining VR/AR products with design, this new work which imagines Givenchy’s VR future would not be the last one in the virtual reality industry. However, it can be a gleam of a realistic stylish design for VR accessories, so that virtual reality fans can wear and use them in their daily lives without staying behind the fashion.

Here you can lose yourself in the eye-catching images:







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