Volkswagen And Hyundai Team Up With Aurora To Build Self-Driving Cars

Hyundai and Volkswagen Group are making a push towards the autonomous vehicles, within the scope of Aurora Innovations.

Aurora is known as the company that is started by former Google self-driving car program and Tesla alum, Chris Urmson. And these three companies today announced that Volkswagen Group and Hyundai are the first to partner with Pittsburgh-based Aurora and the project got started in late 2016 and is focused on selling “full stack” solutions for self-driving vehicles.

self-driving-hyundai-vw The official announcement is aimed at helping both automakers to accelerate their autonomous car programs and are planning to incorporate Aurora self-driving technology in production cars by 2021.

Urmson added,

Our mission is to get this tech out quickly, safely and broadly. Only when you bring this technology to market at scale will you see big safety and economic benefits. Aurora is targeting that objective. At Aurora, we’re building a driver. We’re not building a driver assistance system. We really have a deep understanding of what it will take to actually get to a truly driverless vehicle.

Aurora has been working with VW for six months already, and that for a company this young, it means of how much appetite there is among automakers for tech-enablers that can courage them to reach their self-driving goals. And Hyundai, too is hoping to launch with driverless taxi service to offer at commercial scale by 2021, according to WSJ.

Applying Aurora’s technology is only one way that the automakers hope to make this happen, however, since the deal is yet unspecific, both automakers revealed in the report that they’ve also been contacted to Waymo about potential partnerships.

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