Volkswagen Group Launches New Mobility Company MOIA

Amsterdam agency Khanna \ Reidinga creates logo, naming and brand identity for the new venture.

The Volkswagen Group has officially launched its new company for mobility services, MOIA. With MOIA, the German automotive manufacturer is taking bold steps into a new field, with the aim to become a leading provider of on-demand, sustainable mobility worldwide.

The visual identity and branding of the Volkswagen Group’s new brand is designed by Amsterdam creative agency Khanna \ Reidinga – and perfectly represents the vision of the new company.

MOIA stands for re-imagining urban mobility. The new company has embraced a start-up mentality and a working culture that advocates putting creativity, imagination and intuition at the forefront of its way of working.

MOIA’s vision for mobility is represented in visual terms by a brand identity that reflects evolution and seamless transition – metaphors for MOIA’s services. The visual identity, naming and logo have been created by Amsterdam-based creative agency Khanna \ Reidinga.

Rikki Khanna, Co-founder of Khanna \ Reidinga, says,

What could be more human than the need to move? That was our starting point when we considered the task of reinventing the idea of mobility from a visual standpoint. We were inspired by a quote by Arthur C Clarke: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’

The name MOIA is a wordplay based on Maya, the word for magic in Sanskrit, one of the world’s ancient languages. At first glance the logo looks very different from the classic style of the Volkswagen Group, but if you look carefully, you will see an homage to VW.

MOIA is based in Berlin and will lead the automotive company’s charge towards transforming its business from manufacturing to providing service-oriented mobility solutions.


Maria Soni Reissfelder, Global Marketing Director MOIA, says,

When first set out to create MOIA our big idea was about change. MOIA is about using creativity, imagination and intuition to develop technology-led solutions for mobility. We wanted a brand identity that would stand out and represent the fluidity of change.

In Khanna \ Reidinga we found a partner who not only understood our vision perfectly, but showed real ambition and a human touch when creating the visual identity. With MOIA we want to shape the way that people move for the coming decades. This is more than a vision for the future, it’s also about business; by 2025, the Volkswagen Group would like to achieve a substantial portion of its sales with our new division MOIA.

MOIA will operate independently, but will share resources, knowledge and infrastructure with Volkswagen Group. Innovative, digitally networked mobility services promise high growth dynamics parallel to the classic automotive business.

About Khanna \ Reidinga

Khanna \ Reidinga is an independent international creative agency, in the heart of Amsterdam. Built as a ‘creative agency for the adventurous’ Khanna \ Reidinga helps brands that stand for something, stand out.

Khanna \ Reidinga works with brands such as MOIA, NN Group, Diageo, Beats by Dre, Vodafone, Hi-Tec and Magnum Boots. For all these brands, the agency applies the power of left-field thinking, not just as a means of entertainment but as a way to effectively build brands and connect with the hyper-distracted.

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