7 Visually Appealing Emails That Caught Our Attention

Have you ever come across an interesting email while browsing through your inbox and read through the entire email in awe without realizing that it’s a sales email? I have, several times. And I really enjoy emails that are interactive and that persuade me into clicking to know more. Such attractive emails that catch the users’ attention, engage with them and keep the readers glued offer better results.

Email marketers have to take care of a lot of things from building a clean email list to segmenting them, setting up nurturing workflows, and testing and optimizing them for optimal performance. With all these critical aspects of email marketing to be taken care of, marketers often have no time for creativity. If you are one of them, worry not, because we are here with some cool email examples that can give you good ideas for creating your next email.

1. Bridge & Burn

An email designer needs to take into consideration how users view and process information online and place important information in a way that it gets noticed. An organized visual hierarchy will entice the users to focus on the key elements of the email and guide them to take the desired action. 

This email from the brand Bridge & Burn uses the Z-pattern layout that traces the route of the human eye while reading, which is from left to right, top to bottom. The highlight of the email is its simplicity, and the way the main content is displayed along with individual CTA links. The supporting images and legible font improves the chances of engagement and conversion. 

2. Apple

Color plays a major role in helping the brain interpret what we see. Organizing the email content using color tabs or labels is a great tactic to help the readers easily skim through the email. Using such color tabs adds a splash of color to the email while also giving a clean look to the layout.

The below Mother’s Day email from Apple uses multiple background colors for the various sections of the email layout. The light pastel-colored boxes make the email look attractive and organized. The vibrant colors that section the content and the striking product images add to the visual appeal of the email.

3. Vacasa

Images in email support your text, allow you to emphasize certain aspects of your message, and play an important role in drawing subscribers’ attention. While ideally images should not occupy more than 25-50% of your email layout, adding attractive images that can add power to your message and entice your subscribers to click is a great tactic to improve email conversions.

Check out the below image from the vacation rental company Vacasa. The email is all about must-go destinations for summer road trips. The image for each destination supports the description and gives the viewers a better picture of the place. Moreover, the illustrations and icons add to the holiday feel, which improves the chances of conversion.

4. Chipotle

Typography in email is an important aspect of email design that helps brands stand out. Fonts play a key role in shifting the focus of the readers by highlighting certain content. While big and bold typography is used to push the key message or make a bold statement, the less important content is often displayed using small fonts.

This email from the brand Chipotle uses multiple fonts to project the various parts of the email copy. It uses bigger and bolder fonts to highlight the key message. Although the email is text-heavy, the typography and text color set apart the main areas of the email content from the rest of the text.

5. Baggu

Using illustrations in your email design is a great way to add an element of storytelling and present complex information in an easy-to-understand format. Making use of icons, symbols, diagrams, and infographics can delight the readers and quickly convey the message.

Take a look at the below email from Baggu. The email contains spot illustrations to explain the process of cleaning the bags. The illustrations that depict the steps to wash the bag liven up the text and help the viewers visualize the message.

6. Bose

Interactivity is one of the most popular email design trends. Adding interactive email elements such as GIFs, buttons, hamburger menus, forms, gamification, etc. create a delightful user experience and allow the users to engage with the email within the inbox.

Check out this Black Friday email from the brand Bose. It features a scratch card that allows the subscribers to unveil the sale offer by scratching off within the email. This induces interest and excitement in the users to reveal what’s hidden beneath, thereby increasing engagement.

7. Adobe

Cinemagraph- a combination of an image and video is often used by email designers to add life to a still image. It is a subtle animation of a portion of an image, which creates an illusion of a video playing in a loop. When used in email, it can instill life into the email and captivate the users.

This email from Adobe about animation presents a live example of animating patterns in the form of a cinemagraph. The cinemagraph makes the email look lively and eye-catchy. It gives the email an edge and makes it stand out from normal static emails.

In Conclusion

Several key elements go into crafting a perfect email. But don’t be overwhelmed by them. Create unique designs for each email depending on your campaign, brand, the product or offer being promoted, the message you want to convey, and the action you want your users to take. Use the above email examples for new ideas and inspirations to create appealing, friction-free emails and test them to enhance design and branding.

Which email design did you like the most from the above list?

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