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Virtual Reality For Global Brands 2016 Conference





VR is the buzzword on the end of every marketers tongue, so now is the perfect time to create this conference. Brands, Agencies & Developers alike are trying to understand the needs and wants for creating a VR/AR/MR marketing campaign and how it fits into the overall Marketing Mix.

DynamoPR’s Senior Creative Manager, Nick Morey believes that VR will follow a similar path as websites and mobile apps did in the past – meaning that they were adopted slowly, but, now they’re fully integrated, it’s strange when a brand doesn’t have a website or an app.

Taking place in a city that is the hub for Marketers – London – The Virtual Reality for Global Brands 2016 conference is the first of its kind to showcase case studies across multiple industry sectors regarding the use of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in marketing campaigns.

Leading companies across industries such as: Automotive, Retail, Entertainment and more will enlighten attendees on how to:

– Build a fully immersive, engaging brand story in a virtual world
– Choose the right product to promote using VR
– Generate revenue using VR

In the build up to this conference-taking place in June, we’ve spoken to some of our speakers across the travel, charity, agency and beverage industries. These speaker interviews have given a huge array of initial insight and provides a fantastic teaser for things to come at Virtual Reality for Global Brands 2016.


Guido Rosales, the former Integrated Marketing Director for The Coca-Cola Company Europe went into detail about how brands can roll out VR campaigns across multiple regions and the considerations marketers should be aware of.

For me the first question that all marketers must ask before rolling out a VR campaign is WHY this will help to achieve their marketing goals. The worst thing marketers can do is to embrace a new technology just for the sake of being cool or fancy. This would go against the value generation for the brands and they could dilute the brand story and message. – Guido Rosales

The Head of Digital, Daragh Anglim from Fáilte Ireland, the National Tourism Development Authority provided us with his perspective on how this new, immersive wave of technology will shape the future of the Travel & Tourism industry. The company were one of the first in their industry to run a VR related campaign in the form of ‘Wild Atlantic Way’, which allowed consumers to experience the beauty of Ireland through a VR headset.

VR will help inspire people to explore new destinations. It will help them plan what they’ll do before they even leave home. We can use VR to drive instant bookings and reservations, pre and during their holiday. VR videos will become so prolific in travel, people will wonder how they planned holidays without them. – Daragh Anglim

One of the most important and revolutionary changes within the Virtual Reality industry is the affordability. Companies such as Google have created their mobile friendly ‘Cardboard’ headset, allowing the mass market to experience VR, which in turn makes the industry more dynamic. Pete Durant, Digital Partnerships Manager at Comic Relief states that this lower end of the VR market with mass consumer appeal is more exciting for him.

If we had a Google Cardboard for each pupil in schools, how we educate them would change for the better. – Pete Durant

You can find the full speaker interviews on the Virtual Reality for Global Brands 2016 website along with the full speaker line-up, agenda and registration details.

For the event details, visit: www.virtualrealityforbrands.com

Special discount for DAN member agencies and readers:

DAN Global – Digital Agency Network is the Media Partner of Virtual Reality For Global Brands 2016 Conference. DAN member agencies and readers will get 20% discount on the regular participation fee using the booking code DANVRBUK20 on the Conference website.

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