Vidda Digital Has Supported Samotics With the Design and Development

To take the next step in their digital positioning, Samotics has gone through a rebranding project. Part of this process is a new corporate website with a focus on branding, conversion and marketing automation. Vidda Digital has supported Samotics with the design and development of this new corporate website.

The Challenge

A rebranding has been carried out to accelerate the worldwide growth of Samotics. Vidda Digital’s challenge was to translate this new brand positioning into a new website with a focus on conversion, lead generation and seamless integration with HubSpot.

The Result

A conversion-driven corporate website that propagates the new brand positioning. Specific attention for the “resources” part with good filter functionalities. As CMS, SharePoint has been chosen in a headless CMS structure. As part of the project, an integration has been developed with HubSpot for lead generation.

The Approach


Web Design

The starting point for web design was the renewed brand & style guide. The web design has clearly opted for a professional corporate look with attention to the most important conversions for Samotics: request a demo, download whitepaper / e-book and contact us.

Structure with SharePoint as CMS

The Samotics website has been developed on the basis of a future-proof 3-layer technical architecture. A set of building blocks was delivered during the development of the frontend of the website. Samotics can use these building blocks to build and optimize pages themselves via SharePoint CMS. This way they are in control to easily add or change new content.

With the Headless architecture, Samotics has a platform for continuous digital transformation. Integrations with other systems from their IT landscape can be easily realized. The website is therefore not a separate element, but a tool for the further digitization of Samotics.

HubSpot Marketing Automation

HubSpot has a central role in Samotics’ marketing tech stack. Good integration between the website and HubSpot is crucial. HubSpot forms are connected directly to the frontend of the website via API. Whitepaper downloads are also available on the website in this way.

About Vidda Digital

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