Fly With Victor: The Uber Of Private Jet Charter

With a smartphone you can reserve a hotel room using, hail a cab with Uber, order food using GrubHub and what’s more – you can even book a private Jet.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Say hello to Victor, one of Europe’s fastest growing tech-startups, and an on-demand private jet charter service that lets you search, compare and book a massive plane using a slick iOS app.

The single-named United Kingdom-based startup has just expanded into the United States and promises to help its clients charter private jets for less money and with less hassle.

Victor is like the “Uber of private Jets” (admittedly a little more expensive), that boasts of 7,000 planes at 40,000 airports around the world, 24/7 customer support, and a seamless private jet selection process.

For all Uber users, the Victor app will be no biggie.

With a similar user interface and navigation, you can punch in your desired locations, pick an aircraft from the incredible menu of varying price points and comfort levels available, and request a charter. You will get a confirmation within minutes (only if your credit card has a worthy limit).

victor app

Unlike the traditional method of ordering a jet: involving brokers, a lot of time and little or no transparency in terms of providers, planes and prices, Victor partners with private aviation suppliers, jettisoning each problem.

Victor founder and CEO Clive Jackson said,

I saw a gap in the market where consumers were being kept in the dark when it comes to jet charter. There is no disclosure, no transparency, and no regulation over what a middleman can mark up and no obligation to disclose or pass back any savings if the price comes down.

Of course, unlike with Uber, most of us won’t be chartering private jets anytime soon – unless your salary boasts 6-digits or more.

All we’ve got to be grateful for, is that the app is absolutely free!

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