UX Connections Created User-Centered Design for Live Hospitality Dashboard of Hoist Group

Hoist Group, a leading software & tech provider to global and independent hotels, needed UX support in developing their new dashboard platform that would enable hotel staff to monitor and track data. UX Connections integrated seamlessly into the Hoist Group’s product team to design and test the new dashboards and support the launch of their new product.

The Challenge

Create a dashboard experience for hotel staff to monitor and track data

UX Connections were tasked with designing Hoist Group’s live IT dashboards, ensuring the most important data for a single user profile was displayed at the right time, and enabled hotel staff to monitor and track the data in an easy, seamless, and intuitive way.

UX connections supported Hoist by redesigning their existing platform, conducting in-depth research with hotel staff to understand needs and goals, and converting these into design opportunities to create the live dashboards.

There was a vast amount of different data points that were available, and the UX Connections team needed to understand audience needs in order to make sure that the right data was displayed to the right user at the right time.

The Solution

UX Connections designs high-fidelity prototypes, tested with real users to deliver intuitive, easy to use dashboards that catered to audience needs

UX Connections began the project through a full discovery phase to define the business objectives and goals for the project. The UX Connections team worked alongside Hoist’s Product Managers, Developers, and Marketing individuals that voiced their vision and goals for the project.

The discovery phase led UX Connections to form a clear project plan that would fit Hoist’s product roadmap and allow the team to carry out detailed user research with staff across Europe.

Consultants from UX Connections traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to continue collaboration with the Hoist Product Team. During this time, there was an intense phase of prototyping and iteration.

This resulted in a refined, high-fidelity interactive prototype that could be tested with Hoist’s customers.


Using the prototype, UX Connections scheduled meetings and remote calls with Hoist’s customers. The team observed users’ movements through the prototype and listened to their insights about the day-to-day management of their hotel property.

After testing the team of consultants was able to review the recorded interviews and continue to iterate on the prototype based on the customer feedback and behavior observed.

The UX Connections team implemented clear navigation to guide users to finding the right tools and data, ensuring the pain points, goals, and concerns of different user profiles were addressed and features were developed to aid user needs.

The Results

A tested concept and UI designs ready to be transformed into the live dashboard product

The finalized prototype served as a direct reference for the customer journeys and interactions that would be built into the final product.

UX Connections developed a single, cohesive portal that catered to the identified user-profiles and reflected the findings from the user testing sessions.

To further support the Hoist product team, UX Connections UI consultants also produced a detailed set of UI designs that reflected the Hoist brand and a design system to enable future design and development.

The customer insights UX Connections collected from the usability tests also helped to inform features and functionality to develop in future phases of the product roadmap.

About UX Connections

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