UX Connections Created Product Development Strategy for Onzo

London-based UX agency UX Connections designed a set of detailed user personas to facilitate feature prioritization and creating a strategy to deliver powerful data product delivery and development for ONZO.

ONZO extracts, analyses, and presents household energy data from smart metre analytics, used to inform consumers with personalized insights that maximize energy efficiency and help manage energy usage.

UX Connections carried out interviews and surveys with their customers to understand goals, needs, and pain points, enabling ONZO and utility companies to build stronger relationships with their customers and develop greater service models that reduce churn.

The Challenge

Create a Strategy to Deliver Powerful Data Products to Utilities

ONZO provides a SaaS platform to large energy companies in Europe. They gather and analyze homeowners’ energy data and develop key insights to help educate and inform consumers about their existing use and how they can become more efficient.

ONZO identified a need to build stronger relationships with their customers; large European utilities and engaged with UX Connections to understand the goals, needs, and pains of the existing ONZO product and how it could be improved to better cater to energy companies.

The Solution

Develop a Set of Detailed User Personas to Facilitate Feature Prioritization and Product Delivery

UX Connections worked with the Product Lead and wider services team to understand the existing life cycle of the customer, and then moved into the ideation phase for the research process.

Working with ONZO and utilizing their connections with the target market in utility companies, UX Connections set up and conducted a series of interviews in-person and over the phone, as well as collecting survey responses with wider groups.

With an unbiased view, UX Connections was able to progress with a number of key findings, along with a stronger understanding of the customer journeys, which were transformed into a set of key persona archetypes, highlighting elements such as motivations, goals, pains, technology needs and opportunities.


The Results

Personas as a Design Tool for Future Product Development

UX Connections presented the personas through a product workshop, emphasizing the importance of reflecting back on the personas to define goals, motivations, and pain points during the product development lifecycle.

The persona posters were printed and put up on the office walls, shared as a reminder for product strategy, user experience, development, and team discussions, in order to keep the focus on the core customer group and typical journeys.

Continuing on the foundations, UX Connections built at ONZO they continued to deliver customer-driven dashboards for the Insights product, ensuring all of their research learnings were fundamental to the product’s success.

About UX Connections

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